Tourist Spots in Madagascar

Now days when people think of Madagascar they think about the famous cartoon movie. However this country is not simply an animated place, it is a great vacation spot and these are the top ten places you should check out.


The city of Antananarivo carries with it quite a French appeal. It is also interesting to note that French is a widely spoken here as well. Simply reading the road and shop signs, which are in French, are enough evidences to point that out. The city itself is home to the many tourist attractions of Madagascar. Here you’ll find the Queen’s Palace, a botanical and zoological garden, and the acclaimed second largest market in the world – the Zoma Market.


This tourist attraction is Malagsy State’s place of origin. It is located about 12 miles away from the nation’s capital. Ambohimanga was once called ‘The Blue City’ and housed a stronghold previously maintained during the Merina Dynasty. The stronghold still has some of the original features it once had including the main gate and other ceremonial structures. It’s a great place to visit if you are akin to visit historical sites.


Mantasoa is a popular place for picnics in Madagascar. It is located about 50 miles away from the country’s capital. The beautiful landscape was made and designed for the queens of the Merina Dynasty. Everything you see here was designed by a Frenchman who was shipwrecked at the time. The work was astounding with pine forests, an artificial lake, and today it houses an industrial park.


Located 60 miles away from the capital, this spectacular volcanic region offers beautiful natural scenery. In this tourist attraction, you’ll find geysers and waterfalls that are fun to watch. Dams have been constructed here to help catch eels. If you are brave enough then you might want to try your knack at catching one.


This tourist attraction features a nature reserve that is home to a variety of animals. It is located 90 miles away from the Madagascar’s capital. This nature reserve is home to breed of lemur that has no tail known as the indri. The reserve is also teeming with a huge variety of orchids.

Northern Mountains

The northern sections of Madagascar have other tourist attractions to offer. Here you’ll find the country’s highest mountain, Tsarantanana, standing tall at 2,880 meters. Another mountain you’ll find here is Montagne d’Arbre with a height of 1,500 meters, which is also a national park.


This is one of several provincial capitals in the country. It is located at the very mouth of the largest river in Madagascar, Betsiboka. Those who wish to travel to the other islands may take a ferry from Mahajanga. There is also a nature reserve near this site.

Nossi Bé

This is one of the best holiday resorts in Madagascar. It is located along the northwest coast and is an island resort scenically surrounded by smaller nearby islands. You can travel to Nossi Bé by plane and will take about an hour’s flight from the country’s capital.


This provincial capital was once known as Diégo Suarez. It is a seaport overlooking a beautiful gulf. Highlights to any visit here include scenic waterfalls, lakes, and rainforests. In case you plan to tour the place, be sure to acquire permission to visit the nearby national park before embarking on your trip.

Ile Ste-Marie

This island is best known for its beautiful beaches with sparkling white sands. It also has coral reefs to accommodate those who love go diving. There are also some historic sites on the island including the country’s oldest church.