Tourist Spots in Mali

The small country of Mali has a great deal to offer the tourist. Here then are the top ten tourist spots in Mali for those adventurous world travelers who choose this exciting country to visit.

Tombouctou or Timbuktu

A famous tourist spot in Mali that dates back to the medieval times. Found here are great sites of knowledge for Islam and West Africa. The place is now a repository of thousands of old manuscripts that dates back to the 7th or 8th century. Tombouctou is recognized today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This tourist spot in Mali is a significant center of politics and commerce about 1,400 years ago. You can see here the fascinating Grand Mosque that is made from mud. You can also visit the ancient city of Jeno that was abandoned about eight centuries ago. Explore the amazing archaeological sites found in Jeno such as cemeteries and pottery shards.

Dogon Country

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist spot in Mali. The Dogon people and their villages are situated on steep cliffs to protect themselves from slave traders. Explore the country as you go inside the circumcision caves, enter crocodile pits, visit the cliff dwellings of ancient Tellum, observe an elder doing divination, and participate in ceremonial mask dances.

Niger River

Enjoy an adventurous night along the great Niger River. This tourist spot in Mali offers boat rides along the river going from Mopti to the fishing villages of Bambara. If you are fortunate you can encounter some hippopotamus during the trip.


This tourist spot in Mali is the second city in the country and it is a rich place in terms of tourism. You can enjoy the sight of the Niger River, visit the Arts and Crafts Emporium, travel to some historic villages, be amazed by wonderful architecture, and make your way to the colorful market of the city.


A tourist spot in Mali that is 20 kilometers in length where hundreds of Dogon settlements and villages are located. This is the biggest Dogon town and is commonly the starting point to all the trekking tours in the region. Be stunned with the faces of steep cliff and their color changes depending on the hour of the day.

Djerbinger Mosque

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this tourist spot in Mali is an interesting landmark of the country. The mosque was built in 1325 and its shape is like a pyramid with conical towers on top. On top of the mosque is a platform where you can take a good look of the wonderful landscape of the surrounding area.

Bozo Village

Located in Bamako, this tourist spot in Mali is worth the trip while going around the country. You must go with a guide while making your visit to the village. You will see the women of the village making the popular Bogolan cloth.


A tourist spot in Mali that has gigantic rock formation and they are referred to as ‘The Hand of Fatima’. This is a great place for rock-climbing enthusiasts where lots of interesting rock faces challenge each climber along the way up.