Tourist Spots in Micronesia

There are as many adventures as there are islands in Micronesia and here are the top ten tourist spots when visiting the country.

Yap Islands

A tourist spot in Micronesia that has endless beautiful beaches and great places to learn the unique lifestyle of the people of the island. There are outer reefs surrounding the island and great for scuba diving. Surfers also enjoy the legendary waves around the island.

Nan Madol

An impressive archaeological tourist spot in Micronesia where ancient ruins that dates back to the 7th and 8th century. The ruins are situated on artificial islands that are about 100 in number and the place is considered as ‘the Venice of the Pacific’.

Chuuk Lagoon

A major tourist spot in Micronesia great for scuba diving specifically wreck diving. The lagoon was once a Japanese port during World War II. Hundreds of aircraft and naval ship wreckage are within the lagoon and most of the ships do still have various cargoes in them.

Outer Islands

A tour on the islands will let you experience the laid back life of the natives living there. A very peaceful and calm tourist spot in Micronesia and life on these islands are truly one-of-a-kind. Learn the rich culture and love the scenery of these wonderful outer islands in Micronesia.


A very peaceful island and a tourist spot in Micronesia where you will be able to see lots of fascinating things. Visit the Lelu Ruins and Kosrae State Museum to learn the wonderful culture and history of the island. You can go mountain hiking up to the waterfalls within the island. And of course, the place is a wonderful diving destination since the water is very clear with a visibility of 200 feet.

Cultural Village Tour

One of the wonderful ways to spend your day in Micronesia is to take this fascinating cultural village tour. This tourist spot in Micronesia is a great way to really experience the typical daily life of the natives and learn about their rich history. Visit the traditional fishing villages and see how the people live their lives on both land and sea.

Stone Money

A famous tourist spot in Micronesia that is truly unique and fascinating. The stone money is a primitive type of money in Micronesia and use for exchanging commodities. Tourists are amazed to see that the people in Yap Island are still using stone money up to this day.

Japanese WWII Communications Center

A main tourist spot in Micronesia located at Weno and one of the main historical sites within the country. The center has survived the several bombings during WWII since the place is surrounded with thick walls and massive structures that were made of concrete in several layers.

Utwa-Walung Marine Park

A conservation are that was founded by a local ecologist of the are named Madison Nena. This tourist spot in Micronesia features a very healthy collection of hard coral, vast mangrove, and undefiled forest ecosystems.

Eten Island

A perfect place to go to kill some of your time in between each dive. This tourist spot in Micronesia was once a huge Japanese Air Base. Palm trees now covered the old runway and pieces of planes that are victims of the bombings are still scattered around the island. There are also the remains of old command centers used during those war times.