Tourist Spots in Moldava

Moldava has much to offer to the world traveler and here is a list of the top ten tourist spots in this great country.


It is an old city that serves as the capital city of Moldova. This tourist spot in Moldova is referred to as ‘made from white-stone, washed by green seas’. The place is located within a gorgeous valley along the Bac River. Here you can find hundreds of well-preserved houses that were built during the 19th century. Scattered around the city are old churches, museums, monuments, parks, and theatres.

Nistru River

This tourist spot in Moldova is an icon as well as the heart of the country. The river is not just a plain river but an active member of Moldova. The scenery along the river’s surroundings is truly astounding just like paradise.

Orheiul Vechi

An archeological site where ruins of the ancient city of Orhei are found. This tourist spot in Moldova offers wonderful natural sites, base of ancient fortress, and cave monastery. The place was once among the largest cities of Europe complete with refreshing water baths, central heating, and aqueducts.

Soroca Fortress

A magnificent tourist spot in Moldova located on the northern portion of the country. This popular fortress is the only and well-preserved medieval fortress in Moldova. Since you are already in Soroca, don’t miss the opportunity to meet the Gypses who are the native of the area.


The second biggest city of the country and the capital of Transdniestria – a self-declared republic. Here you can see a fortress with three towers built to strengthen the Russian army during the battle in 1792. This tourist spot in Moldova is a lovely green town that has a leisure area along the banks of Nistru River.

Underground Wine Cities

There are several underground wine cities in Moldova. This tourist spot in Moldova is a channel of interconnected lighted tunnels that are hundreds of miles in length. Driving your car inside the tunnels is possible and these tunnels are use for wine storage. The name of the streets in these underground wine cities are after the kind of wine that are in them like Merlot, Aligote, Cabernet, and many more. The popular underground wine cities are Cricova, Mici, Milestii, and Cojusna.

Rudi Village

One of the interesting tourist spots in Moldova. Here you can find some pre-historic remains inside a cave of 100 meters in length. The village also has an amazing nature reserve, ancient fortresses, and a community that is rich in local traditions. You can also visit an ancient monastery and church that was constructed in 1777.

Alexandr Pushkin House and Museum

A tourist spot in Moldova where the works of the notable Russian poet A.S. Pushkin are on display. This Russian poet was exiled to Moldova for about three years and lived in the residence of General Inzov. As Pushkin travels throughout the country, the residence of Zamfir-Ralli Arbore has become his favorite place.

National History Museum of Moldova

This tourist spot in Moldova exhibits 263,000 items and 165,000 of them are owned by the national heritage. The museum has five departments – The Sciusev House and Museum, Exhibitions of Military Technology, The C. Stamati House and Museum, Carol the XIIth’s House and Museum, and Lazo’s Mansion.

Taul Park

This tourist spot in Moldova is the largest park in the country located about 200 kilometers north from Chisinau. The park displays a very successful design of the famous landscape architect I. Vladislavschi-Padalco. The total length of all the trails and paths within the park is 12.5 kilometers.