Tourist Spots in Monaco

Although nobody should miss the grand casinos of Monaco, there is a lot more to do and see in this great country than just gamble. Make time to visit these top ten tourist spots in Monaco if you ever find yourself lucky enough to visit here.

Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium

A world famous tourist spot in Monaco that is 279 meters above sea level. You can see here wonderful collections of marine life and also skeleton form or stuffed specimens of different sea creatures. The aquarium has about 4,000 fish species and more than 200 invertebrate families. It is really a wonderful presentation of the underwater ecosystem of the tropics and the Mediterranean.

Palais Princier or Prince’s Palace

A tourist spot in Monaco that you must not forget to visit while in the country. You will have the opportunity to see the amazing panoramic view of Monte-Carlo and the Port. Watch the ceremony for change of guards at the Palace’s entrance.

Monaco Cathedral

The cathedral was constructed in 1875 and it stands on the place of a prior church that was constructed in the 13th century. This tourist spot in Monaco has a Romanesque-Byzantine architecture and it houses the remains of Princess Grace and previous Princes of Monaco.

Jardin Exotique or Exotic Gardens

A fine tourist spot in Monaco where you can find collections of rare plants that comes from various places of the world. A scheduled guided tour is available when going to the grotto or cave within the gardens.


An old village of Monaco that still displays its medieval appearance up to the present. This tourist spot in Monaco provides a very amazing picturesque site and you can still see that the century old houses are still intact. Most of the streets in the city is for pedestrian use and there are also several passageways.

La Condamine

The second oldest village in Monaco and has become a flourishing business center. You can marvel at several cruise ships and luxurious yachts that decorates the docks of the village. This tourist spot in Monaco has amusing modern buildings and landscaped areas.

Salle Garnier or Monaco Opera House

This tourist spot in Monaco was constructed by the popular architect Charles Garnier. The opera house auditorium is full of the colors gold and red and various sculptures and frescoes are displayed around. Look up to the ceiling and be captivated by the amazing paintings above you. The place is indeed extravagant but very lovely also.

Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery

A tourist spot in Monaco that encourages artists of various ages to excel in their fields of arts. The gallery has become a stage for these artists to showcase their talents. A magnificent collection of artworks are continuously displayed in the gallery from famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Louise Bourgeois, David Hockney, and many more.

Grimaldi Forum

A modern building in Monaco that serves as a convention center and was completed last July of 2000. This tourist spot in Monaco has an exceptional entrance, an auditorium for opera and ballet performances, two restaurants, and two auditoriums use for meetings and other gatherings. There are also two huge exhibition halls for trade shows and various exhibit displays.

Monte Carlo Casino

Situated at Place du Casino, this tourist spot in Monaco is very popular and also serves as a famous landmark of the country. Within the casino resides the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo. You can see a very fine architectural design in the building especially the facade.