Tourist Spots in Mongolia

Mongolia boasts of some of the most fascinating places to visit in the entire world. Missing out on any of these top ten places to see when touring the country would make a visit incomplete.

The National Museum of Mongolian History

Located within Ulaanbaatar, the museum is a popular tourist spot in Mongolia where you can more fully learn the rich history of the country. You can find various artifacts that came from the different time periods of the history of Mongolia.

Orkhon Khurkhree

A one-of-a-kind waterfall that flows down to the river Orkhon. This tourist spot in Mongolia has a cold and refreshing water that is perfectly suited for swimming. But do keep in mind that the natives of the place don’t really enjoy swimming.

Erdene Zuu

A large Buddhist monastery in the country that it can accommodate more than a thousand monks at the same time. This tourist spot in Mongolia is among the many Buddhist monastery found in the country since Buddhism is Mongolia’s practiced religion.

Yolin Am

The place is known as the vulture canyon and a perfect tourist spot in Mongolia for trekking. Climbing the walls of the canyon can be a great challenge for expert level mountaineers. If you are not a mountaineer, then the astounding view of the canyon can truly captivate you. The presence of little waterfalls by the walls of the canyon after each rain gives an added beauty to Yolin Am.

Gandantegchilen Kloster

This tourist spot in Mongolia is the biggest monastery in the country and still being used up to this moment. The structure was built in 1810 and became damaged during the era of socialism in the country. The monastery was rebuilt in 1990.

Khyatruuni Rashaan

A mineral spring and hiking is the only way to reach to the location. A tourist spot in Mongolia that is very serene and the surrounding meadow gives a very beautiful view of nature.


A national holiday in Mongolia that is widely celebrated by the people and the event is similar to the Olympics. Various games of the nomads are played and participated in. See expert wrestlers, horsemen, and archers competing with each other to win in the game they are in.

Bayan Zag

A tourist spot in Mongolia that is called as the ‘flaming cliffs’. The tattered rock formations are made from sediments that have a reddish-brown color. The ideal time to view the cliffs is before sunset and during sunrise when the rock formations do look like gigantic burning coals.

Bogdkhan Uul

This national park is filled with various wildlife that is not intruded by hunters thus giving out a wonderful and breathtaking scenery. In this tourist spot in Mongolia you can also find the Manzshir Monastery that was built in the year 1733 and it houses important historical documents, traditional masks, and Buddhist arts.


The capital city of the ancient empire of Mongolia that was ruled by the great Genghis Khan. Exploring the ruins of the city is an interesting thing to do.