Tourist Spots in Mozambique

Mozambique can make for an exciting vacation and those that crave adventure in their trips will want to seriously consider making this a top choice in places to visit. When you get there, make sure to have these top ten places on your list of things to see.

Bazaruto Archipelago

A lovely island resort in the country of Mozambique that has a marine reserve park that is perfect for diving. A tourist spot in Mozambique that is equipped to accommodate high-end tourism. Consisting of five beautiful islands, the archipelago is almost an untouched paradise and recognized as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’.

Cahora Bassa

It is a hydroelectric dam within the River Zambezi and this tourist spot in Mozambique is the second biggest man-made lake in the African continent. You can do fishing and boating on the lake as well as sightseeing on the dam. An arranged guided tour in the dam is available to see the structure in action.

Gorongosa National Park

The tourist spot in Mozambique that is used to be called as the place that ‘Noah parked his Ark’ due to the plenteousness of wildlife species on the area. The number of wildlife present today in the park may have depleted but various programs are going on to restore the number of wildlife present within the park. You can view the beautiful ecosystem that this amazing national park offers.

Quirimbas Islands

A tourist spot in Mozambique that is consist of 30 islands full of scenic views and relaxing atmosphere. The islands are among the best diving sites of the world as well as ideal for fishing. The Quirimbas National Park is located on the southern islands and is composed of a very large area of forests.

Ilha de Mozambique

It is an island that used to be the capital of the country for almost 400 years during the colonial period of Portugal on Mozambique. The island is filled with wonderful historical sites and you can pay a visit to the museum and fort to learn the history of the region. You can also go diving, boat trips, or simply lay down on the beach for a perfect afternoon relaxation.


A famous tourist spot in Mozambique where enthusiasts for diving and other water sports usually go due to the coral reefs that is located near the shore. The place is a famous destination for upper to middle class people of Mozambique and South Africa. The port town is also popular for its Portuguese style of colonial architecture.

Ponta d’Ouro

It is also a famous tourist spot in Mozambique especially for surfers and divers. When diving, do not miss the opportunity to swim with dolphins. For surfers, the waves here are among the perfect waves for them.

Tofo Beach

A tourist spot in Mozambique that is considered as a haven for backpackers. Known as a traveler’s mecca in Mozambique, the reasons are quite clear – beautiful beaches, amiable laid-back vibe, great diving sites, good snorkeling, small but vibrant nightlife, and a number of great restaurants.


A famous holiday tourist spot in Mozambique that serves as a doorway to the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago. The best activity here is deep-sea fishing aside from snorkeling and scuba diving.

Lake Niassa

A tourist spot in Mozambique that is considered as the last piece of unexplored Africa. It has crystal like waters and lovely white beaches. Its tropical waters are said to have the most fish species compared to other lakes of the world.