Tourist Spots in Nepal

For history buffs and cultural enthusiasts, Nepal really is a must visit country. There is so much to see in this fantastic country but here are the top ten places which can’t be missed.

Bouddhnath Stupa

Considered as the biggest stupa in the entire Asian continent and is also a famous tourist spot in Nepal. The place is actually a fortress used by the Tibetan Lama Buddhism in the country. The height of the white pagoda is about 36 meters and is located within the ancient road between Tibet and Bihar.

Durbar Square

The place is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a significant point among the religious and social activities of the Nepalese people. You can see several statues, temples, shrines, and palaces in this tourist spot in Nepal that were built by the previous kings of the country.


A tourist spot in Nepal that is a major hiking destination. The place is located about 2,758 meters above sea level. Go up hiking to the peak of the hill and visit the Buddhist shrine located there.

Krishna Mandir

A tourist spot in Nepal that you must not miss visiting. It is a temple that displays a masterpiece of architectural combination of Nepalese and Indian culture. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the only edifice in Nepal that has 21 spires and the entire structure was made of stone.

Nyatapola Temple

A tourist spot in Nepal that was built in 1702 during the reign of King Bhupatindra Malla. The temple is a five-storey pagoda that stands on a dais composed of five terraces. The pagoda is among the list of the tallest pagodas found in South Asia region.

Surya Vinayak

This is a tourist spot in Nepal that is very ideal for picnic activities. The temple in here is built is a way that it will catch the first sunlight rays in the morning.

Mount Everest

A major tourist spot in Nepal where tourists come to make their dream of beholding or climbing the majestic mountain come true. This is where hundreds of mountaineers, rock climbers, and trekkers gather for the fulfillment of their long time dream.

Pokhara Valley

The most charming tourist spot in Nepal because the place is augmented by the beautiful lakes of Rupa, Begnas, and Phewa. Located about 827 meters above sea level, the valley gives an astounding view of the surrounding environment. Water activities are abundant in the lakes like swimming, boating, and fishing.


A famous temple lies in this tourist spot in Nepal that is dedicated to Lord Muktinath. Situated at the height of 3,749 meters from sea level, visiting the temple is perfect during fair weather conditions.


An old town located about 30 kilometers away on the east side of Kathmandu. This tourist spot in Nepal offers a complete and fascinating view of the snow-packed ranges starting from Karyolung going to Himalchuli.