Tourist Spots in Nigeria

Tourism in Nigeria focuses on cultural events as well as natural attractions. In addition, tourists can also find numerous museums and national parks in the country. To learn more about this place, it is essential to visit the top 10 tourist spots in Nigeria.

Yankari National Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the place is the Yankari National Park in Bauchi State. The total area covered by the park is 2,244 square kilometers. The main attraction at the place is the Wikki Warm Springs. Other features include the Dukkey Wells, the Marshall Caves and the Iron Smelting.

Azumini Blue River

Another famous travel spot in the country is the Azumini Blue River in Akwa Ibom State. The place features crystal-clear water. For the convenience of guests, the place has chairs and tables where they can dine and relax. The water sports that can be enjoyed at the river include canoeing.

Ogbunike Caves

Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, the Ogbunike Caves are found at the Anambra State. The caves are believed to be used by ancient people for conducting rituals and religious activities. Before tourists can reach the caves, they will pass through a beautiful tropical rainforest.

Lake Chad

One of the natural attractions in the country, the Lake Chad is found at Chad. The lake provides water to four countries in Africa including Nigeria. The place is a home to different wildlife species like crocodiles, hippopotamus and ducks.

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex

Tourists who want to unwind and enjoy different activities should see the Oguta Lake Holiday Complex at the Imo State. Some of the attractions at the complex are a golf course with 18 holes, war relics and a mini-children recreation park. In addition, the place offers cruise boat services.

The Hills of Benue

The Hills of Benue is found at the country’s middle belt region. One of the interesting places in the site is the Ikyogen Cattle Ranch. It also provides a nice scenery of various pristine hills including the Swern Hills, Bassa Hills and Ushogbo Hills.

Ibeno Beach

The Ibeno Beach is a fine beach that can be found at Akwa Ibom State. The place is very inviting and it stretches from the state to the town of James on the Atlantic. Some of the sports that can be done at the beach are swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Rojenny Tourist Village

Rojenny Tourist Village in Anambra State is one of the top 10 tourist spots in Nigeria. The village is very famous because it features numerous attractive sites such as an amusement park and relaxation facilities. In addition, the place has a football pitch.


The Municipality of Yola in Adamawa State features several attractive natural landmarks. At the municipality, people can find hills and mountains including the Mandara Mountains. The highest peak of the country is also found at this place, which is the Dimlang Peak.

Agbokim Waterfalls

If you want to go swimming and admire the nature, you can visit the popular Agbokim Waterfalls at the Cross River State. Surrounding the falls is a forest and green vegetation. Aside from swimming, people can also enjoy trekking and picnicking at the site.

Nigeria is a country in Africa that is popular for having numerous natural attractions. By seeing these places, tourists can admire the beauty of the country.