Tourist Spots in Northern Cyprus

By visiting these top ten toruist areas in Northern Cyprus you will discover what many tourists have already expperienced and that is that Northern Cyprus is a fantastic country to take a vacation in.

Selimiye Mosque

This tourist spot in Northern Cyprus is also known as St. Sophia Cathedral and is located at Northern Nicosia. It is a fortresslike structure that was built in 1228 and has withstood several earthquakes for centuries. In 1570, the cathedral was transformed into a mosque where they added two minarets making it a landmark of Nicosia.


An old city where you can find Venetian fortifications that are well preserved through time. This tourist spot in Northern Cyprus has lots of renaissance buildings that are worth seeing. As you roam around the city, every corner has something interesting for you to see.

Kyrenia Castle

A tourist spot in Northern Cyprus that is located alongside the harbor. It is a very old castle and its origin is still uncertain up to this day. It was believed that the Byzantines built it during the seventh century. In 1191, the castle was conquered by Richard the Lionheart and then lose it to various enemies and ends up to the British who use the castle as a prison.

Shipwreck Museum

It is a museum that is located within the Kyrenia Castle. This tourist spot in Northern Cyprus is just a small museum where a well-preserved wreck resides. It is a wooden merchant ship that dates back to 306 B.C. and is discovered in the year 1967 within the waters of Kyrenia. The cargo of the ship consists of 400 clay jugs full of almonds and olives and they are still intact.


This tourist spot in Northern Cyprus is popular for its ancient monastery. The place is full of picturesque ruins of high stone walls and grand Gothic arches. Bellapais is just ten minutes away from Kyrenia. Admire the grand scenery of the monastery as you walk around its grounds and feel the relaxing view of the sunset in the area.

St. Hilarion Castle

An interesting tourist spot in Northern Cyprus that is located in between Nicosia and Kyrenia. St. Hilarion Castle is a huge complex of three castles that is preserved very well. Sitting on a steep hilltop, the castle provides some exhilarating views of Kyrenia and its surrounding coast.

Old Harbour

A gorgeous looking harbour in Kyrenia that has the shape of a horseshoe. This tourist spot in Northern Cyprus is the home to a lot of pleasure crafts and various boats that can be use for excursions. Go on a diving trip, a cruise to the Turtle Beach or Escape, or a parascending adventure.

Karpas Peninsula

A tourist spot in Northern Cyprus where beautiful sandy beaches are located. Spend a quality time under the sun in one of the beaches here like Lara Beach, Turtle Beach, Escape Beach, and Club Acapulco.

Mevlevi Museum

A tourist spot in Northern Cyprus that is worth visiting since it houses important artifacts of Turkish arts in the country. The building itself is already an ancient artifact since it was built during the 17th century. Visiting the museum will let you appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the Turkish Cypriot culture.

The Outdoor and Indoor Markets

This is a tourist spot in Northern Cyprus where you could buy local Turkish crafts for very affordable prices. The place is also overflowing with imitation of designer items like bags, shoes, belts, and clothes. These markets in North Nicosia are really worth visiting while touring in Northern Cyprus.