Tourist Spots in Norway


Norway’s Geirangerfjord is a popular

scenic attraction with a fabulous waterway. It is one of the popular tourist spots in Norway. Those who are fond of waterfall hunting will definitely enjoy the big find here. Visitors will be treated to a view of three spectacular waterfalls that hit both sides of the waterway. The three falls are named as The Suitor, Bridal Veil, and The Seven Sisters, which is kind of romantic.

Geirangerfjord is a popular cruise destination. You can hop on a cruise and enjoy the magnificent sights along the way. Other than tours, you can also go hiking and fishing if you’re a bit of a sportsman. Water activities mainly involve boat riding and kayaking. However, you should pay attention to the weather in Geirangerfjord as they can sometimes impede outdoor such outdoor activities.

Bryggen Wharf

The Bryggen Wharf is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites other than being one of many popular tourist spots in Norway. Key attractions of this little town of Bergen also include the Hanseatic buildings that date back to the 14th century.

North Cape

North Cape is one of the really popular tourist spots in Norway with more than a quarter of a million visitors coming in every year. You get to see a breathtaking view of the northern end of Europe. The cliff is about a thousand feet high and is dubbed as Europe’s northernmost point. It is located in Finmark, which is also known as the Norwegian Lapland.

Other than viewing the dramatic climactic conditions in North Cape’s peak, there are also other activities that tourists often enjoy. Other than that, you can also take a bird safari in the nearby nature reserve. Night time activities also include deep sea rafting.

Oslo Royal Guard

There is really something about military uniforms that make them really attractive. This is very true in the case of the royal guard in Oslo. The changing of the royal guard is such a huge attraction with tourists itching to witness the event. In order to catch a glimpse of this exercise, you need to go to the Oslo Royal Palace. This is interestingly classed as one of the tourist spots in Norway.

Once there, you need to enter through Karl Johans Gate and then you can join the rest of the spectators. The changing of the royal guard is a daily routine that occurs at 1:30pm. The entire ceremony takes 40 minutes to complete.

Vigeland Park

The Vigeland Park is one of the most attractive public parks in Oslo and is one of the popular tourist spots in Norway. It is easy to find since it is located in the nation’s capital. You can also view the works of famed Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, which includes a display of over 200 masterworks. Take a tour of the park and visitor’s center or take a break at the cafe.


This little town is usually remembered by visitors due to the Winter Olympics in 1994. However, there is more to this town than splendid winter attractions and activities. Of course, one of the really popular events here are the sporting events that are held annually. Year round activities you can do here in Lillehammer include hiking, fishing in the Mesna River, and a trip to the Maihaugen Museum. Of course, winter activities here are second to none including dog sledding and skiing.


If you are looking for historic sites in Norway then you should visit Trondheim. This little town has a lot of historic sites that date back to 997 A.D. You can take the two-hour tour to see the key attractions of the town. Head off to the tourist office to get help with getting a tour of Trondheim.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Other than getting a beautiful view of Oslo, Holmenkollen Ski Jump is also a popular sports venue. It is also a huge crowd gatherer for many winter sports enthusiasts. This is also the venue for the FIS World Cup that is held annually.

Kirkenes Snow Hotel

This is one of the most unique tourist spots in Norway. The Snow Hotel starts offering its ‘snow suites’ in mid-December. Of course, the facilities including the bed you’ll be sleeping in won’t be made of snow. You’ll basically live in a room sculpted from snow but will sleep on mattresses or in sleeping bags. Key attractions here are the many ice and snow sculptures.

Free Beaches

It may come as a surprise to find beautiful beaches in Norway during the summer. The beaches in the metropolitan area of Oslo alone are enough to give you a nice summer welcome. Highly recommended beaches here are Paradisbukta and Huk beach.