Tourist Spots in Palau

Just listing the top ten tourist spots in Palau is hard as there is just so much to see and do in this small but grand country. Although it is hard, here are indeed the top ten things you need to see.

The Milky Way Lagoon

This tourist spot in Palau is famous for its natural spa therapy. You can always see tourists with their skin white and shining as they apply the white mud from the lagoon all over their body. Try this for a relaxing and soothing experience.

The Blue Corner

The most popular dive site in the country and is noted for its strong currents, clear water, and presence of sharks. This tourist spot in Palau is one of a kind for dive enthusiasts because you will have a different experience each time you go underwater.

Rock Islands

This place is among the best reason why you should travel to Palau. This tourist spot in Palau has hundreds of small rocks made from limestone emerging out of the clear waters. The place is filled with various kinds of wildlife like sea cows, crocodiles, and different species of tropical fish.

Turtle Cave

It is a diving spot whose entrance is through an overhead hole going into the dark cave. You may not be able to see turtles here but what makes the dive interesting is the sightings of sharks. An exciting tourist spot in Palau that you should not miss.

Jelly Fish Lake

This tourist spot in Palau is pretty mysterious and famous among the rest of the rock islands in the country. You can see here millions of orange and white jellyfish less their ability to sting. Swimming in the lake with them is pretty safe and the feeling of excitement is always there.

Ngatpang Waterfall

A refreshing tourist spot in Palau that you should not miss while in Koror. The waterfall has the height of approximately 20 feet but what is thrilling is the surrounding environment of the waterfall. The green rainforest and sounds of the animals and birds within the area is very unforgettable.

Ngardmau Waterfall

This tourist spot in Palau is the main waterfall of the country and hiking up to the waterfall is very worth it. The hike might be a little bit challenging but once you are there, the reward is the beauty of the waterfall and its great location. The waterfall is located at the northern portion of Babeldoab Island.

Ngemelis Wall

This tourist spot in Palau is considered as the finest wall dive of the world. You start the dive at knee depth and drops off vertically at the depth of 1,000 feet. You will see here brilliant sponges, colorful corals, and giant sea fans.


Located at the northern tip of the island of Babeldaob, this tourist spot in Palau could possibly be the oldest megalithic location in the country. Composed of 39 monoliths and several numbers of carved faces, the reason behind building the structure is still a mystery up to this day.


The island is among the bloodiest location of the battles in the Pacific during the World War II. In this tourist spot in Palau, you can still see the wreckage that the battle has done to the place. Touring the island is a relaxing and tranquil activity and for military history lovers, this is a perfect destination to relive those war days in our history.