Tourist Spots in Panama

Tourism in Panama is fast improving since 2003. Most of the tourists who visit the country came from Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. To improve our understanding on the attractions in the country, below is a list of the top 10 tourist spots in Panama.

San Blas Archipelago

Found at the eastern part of Colon, San Blas Archipelago is consisted of 365 islands. Cunas live in the islands. At the islands, people can enjoy various land and water activities like swimming, hiking and scuba diving. Tourists can buy high quality and attractive textiles made by Cuna women.

Panama City

If you want to shop for interesting items and local products, the Panama City is the best place to see. Aside from the big shopping centers, the city also features cultural spots like the Panama Viejo as well as natural attractions such as the Spaniards and Parque Natural Metropolitano.

Isla Barro Colorado

One of the islands in Gatun Lake, Isla Barro Colorado is a biological reserve managed by the Smithsonian Institute. Tourists visit the island to see numerous wildlife species including monkeys. To see the island, visitors should make prior arrangements with the institute.


A small village found at the slope of Volcan Baru in Chiriqui. Boquette features fields of flowers, fruits and coffee. Some of the popular activities at the site are fishing and bathing. Near the place is the famous Volcan Baru National Park.

La Amistad International Park

Located at the provinces of Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui, La Amistad International Park covers a total area of 207,000 hectares. The park features 12 life zones. The activities that can be enjoyed at the place include trekking and hiking.

Bocas del Torro

Bocas del Torro is famous for featuring the Bastimentos National Park. The place features several species of marine turtles. It is also surrounded by numerous spots where travelers can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving.

Coiba Island National Park

The Coiba Island National Park is found in the west central part of the Veraguas Province. The area covered by the park is 270, 125 hectares. The park features different marine and coastal ecosystems. It offers beautiful sceneries and a great diversity of fauna and flora.

El Cope Division General Park

The El Cope Division General Park near Panama City covers a total area of 6,000 hectares. At the park, people can find hospitality service providers. The attractions at the site include the Marta River Watershed and the Bermejo River Watershed.

Chagres National Park

The Chagres National Park in the provinces of Colon and Panama covers a total area of 129,000 hectares. This place features several attractive plant species. There are also different wildlife species in the park. Trekking and bicycling are the activities that people can do when they visit the site.

Cerro Hoya National Park

Situated at the province of Herrera, the Cerro Hoya National Park features hotels that offers affordable accommodations like the Villa del Santos and Chitre. The park is a tropical desert and at the same time, it is a significant archaeological site in Panama.

Panama features different natural wonders that offer a nice view to tourists. To learn more about this place, it is important to spend some time at the top 10 tourist spots in Panama.