Tourist Spots in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinerra has an interesting mix of history and adventure that makes for a great vacation. When you visit Papua New Guinerra, make sure you visit these top ten tourist spots.

Port Moresby

This tourist spot in Papua New Guinea is the capital city of the country where you could find the National Parliament. Among the good destinations in the city are the Kokoda Trail, National Museum and Art Gallery, Varirata National Park, Moitaka Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sogeri Plateau.


This is the capital city of the Morobe Province and it is the country’s second largest city. Found here are the seaport and various significant commercial centers. Some must-see tourist spots in Papua New Guinea within the city are Lae War Cemetery, McAdam National Park, and Labu Tali Conservation Area.


This tourist spot in Papua New Guinea is an ideal place to embark for the several tours available around the islands as well as up the great Sepik River.

The Sepik River

This is Papua New Guinea’s longest river and for centuries, this river is an important trade route. This tourist spot in Papua New Guinea is winding down the mountains close to the border of Irian Jaya. Along the total length of the river are seldom explored jungles, grassland, and swamps and the basin has a width of more than a mile.

Eastern Highlands

This area of the country is known to have the longest history of keeping in touch with the West. This tourist spot in Papua New Guinea has a huge cultural center and is known for selling traditional and cultural artifacts. Training in weaving and printmaking is also provided to tourists who are interested to learn.

Simbu Province

The capital of the province is a small town called Kundiawa. This tourist spot in Papua New Guinea is perfect for some exciting rafting down the Purari and Wahgi rivers. The highest peak of the country is also found in the province and it is Mount Wilhelm with a height of 4,509 meters.

Western Highlands

The region in Papua New Guinea that has various events and celebrations done throughout the year. This is a place that corresponds to a town from the famous Wild West. The celebrations done ranges from bride price payment to new road opening.

Southern Highlands

The most noted tourist spot in Papua New Guinea in this region is the Mendi Valley. The place has magnificent scenic views and interesting limestone caves.

Enga Province

In Enga Province, you should visit Wabang. This tourist spot in Papua New Guinea is a huge cultural center that has a museum and an art gallery.

The Islands

The Bismarck Archipelago is the location of the islands and the main ones are New Britain, Manus group, and New Ireland. Visiting these exotic tourist spot in Papua New Guinea will let you see the beauty of nature that the country has for you.