Tourist Spots in Peru


This is one of the tourist spots in Peru that supports its archaeological historical tourism efforts. It is truly one of the big finds for anyone interested in the said field. It is also known to many as the spring capital of Peru and is one of the largest cities in the world that was built using mud. It also received an award from UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage Site.

Titicaca Lake and Puno

If you are interested to learn about local lore then you should visit Puno and Titicaca Lake. This is the capital of folklore in the country, which is a great escape from all the archaeological stuff that you get plenty of when you visit the country. It is ranked in the world as the highest navigable lake.


This national reserve is one of the popular tourist spots in Peru. Promoting this site is also part of the ecological tourism efforts in the country. It was declared by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage Site. Popular activities you can try here include scuba diving, wind surfing, deep sea fishing, and a visit to the Ballestas Islands.

Nazca Lines

This is also another one of the tourist spots in Peru to be considered as a Cultural World Heritage Site granted by UNESCO. Visiting the place will bring to your view the mysticism of Peru’s ancient past. This a must-see place if you’re an enthusiast of the ancient world. Here you can also visit an archaeological complex where you can view more remnants of the old world.


The country’s capital is also one of the tourist spots in Peru. It is your gateway to the country and will be a great retreat after going through the many historic and cultural sites. It can also be an introduction to the other attractions you’ll find in the country since you can get a tour of its historical center. Since the city has a lot of colonial remnants of the old architecture it is also declared as part of the many Cultural World Heritage Sites in the country.


Nature lovers will love this prime destination in Peru. Get ready for an adventure in the Amazon forest. Of course, only the truly adventurous will be willing to try the river tour. In case you want to try something that is less hazardous then you can visit one of the national parks in the area.

The Cordilleras and Huaraz

This attraction is dubbed as South America’s Switzerland since you’ll get excellent views of the picturesque Andean landscape. Amazingly enough, visitors will also be treated to snow capped summits as well.


Among the tourist spots in Peru, this is dubbed as its archaeological capital. There are a lot of archaeological trails you can have a try at. You will enjoy the wondrous architecture of Machu Picchu and other Incan trails.


This is also another seat of archaeological discoveries in Peru. It has drawn a lot of attention due to the number of archaeological digs in its territory. It stands as the second most important site in archaeological tourism in the country.


This is locally dubbed as the ‘White City’ complete with monasteries and ancient colonial homes. You’ll be treated to the natural beauty of the country side contrasted by the cultural treasures in the area. This is also one of the popular tourist spots in Peru.