Tourist Spots in Poland

Poland is one of the most advanced countries belonging in the European Union. The tourism sector contributes to the advancing economy of the nation. Described in this article are the top 10 tourist spots in Poland.

Wilanow Palace

One of the tourist destinations in Poland that depict the

history and heritage of the nation is the Wilanow Palace in Warsaw. The construction of the place was finished in 1696. Some of the popular cultural events in the country were held in the palace such as the Summer Royal Concerts.

Krakow Old Town

Listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland, the Krakow Old Town was found in the Krakow District. The town features historic places like the Juliusz Slowacki Theater and the Sukiennice Museum. There are also churches in the town such as the Church of Saint Andrew and the Church of Saint Brabara.

Castle of the Teutonic Order

The Castle of the Teutonic Order is one of the most interesting and attractive destinations in Malbork. The place is popular for the mausoleums buried under the Saint Anne Chapel. These include the mausoleums of Heinrich Dusemer and Konrad von Erlichshausen.

Gniezno Cathedral

Also called the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Adalbert, the Gniezno Cathedral is popular because many historic events are held in this place. These include the royal coronations of Mieszo II Lambert in 1025 and Dymitr I in 1340.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Park

The Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is the second most popular sanctuaries in the country. It is a pilgrimage park and it features historic buildings and statues. One of the nice places to see in the park is the monastery, which depict the Polish architecture.


One of the most famous castles in Poland, Ksiaz in Silesia was constructed from 1288 to 1292. Near the place, people can enjoy sightseeing since it is just few minutes away from the Ksiaz Landscape Park. The castle featured artifacts related to the history of the nation.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Situated at Krakow, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is known for producing table salt. The depth of the mine is 327 meters while the length is 300 kilometers. The mine features different mythical figures as well as historic statues. It also features an underground lake.

Bialowieza Forest

The Bialowieza Forest is found at Belarus. The place is known for featuring several named oaks including the Emperor of the South, Tsar Oak and the Barrel Oak. Tourists can also relax and view some artifacts at the New Year Museum.

Church of Peace

The Church of Peace is located in Jawor. The site has a length of 43.5 meter and a width of 14 meter. The height of the structure is 15.7 meter. Inside the church, guests can see artworks by Georg Flegel including the painting entitled The Altar.


Torun is a medieval town in the northern part of the country. Some of the interesting buildings to see at the town are the Torun Old Town Square, the Ruins of the Teutonic Knights as well as the House Under the Star. In addition, tourists can see gothic churches in the place such as the Saint Mary’s Church.

Poland is a country that has a rich heritage. To know more about the culture and history of Poland, it is advantageous to see not just the top tourist spots but also the other popular attractions in the place like the Jasna Gora and the Augustow Canal.