Tourist Spots in Portugal

Tourism plays a significant role in the economic performance of Portugal. In 2006, the country received 12.8 million foreigners. In order to attract more tourists to the country, it is important to promote the top 10 tourist spots in Portugal.

Montesinho Natural Park

Situated at Braganca, Montesinho Natural Park covers a total area of 75,000 hectares. The place features a forest that plays home to diverse flora and fauna. The wildlife species that can be seen in this tourist destination include the Red Fox, the Common Genet and the Iberian Wolf.

Penha’s Cable Car

Another exciting and unique experience that tourists can try in the country is riding in the Penha’s Cable Car in Guimaraes. The cable car provides a relaxing and beautiful view of attractive sceneries in the place. The ride has 40 cabins and 4 seats each cabin.

Sanfins Citania

One of the tourist destinations at Pacos de Ferreira in Porto, Sanfins Citania is an interesting archaeological site. At the site, guests can see ruins and artifacts that remount the 2nd century B. C. The place has tall and strong walls, which depict an urbanized settlement.

National Coaches Museum

A famous tourist spot in Lisbon, the National Coaches Museum features preserved artifacts. Some of the artifacts that can be seen at the museum are Portuguese Royal House cars and 16th century Gala Coaches. In addition, visitors can also see oil paintings featuring the Portuguese Royal Family.

Ajuda Bridge

The Ajuda Bridge at Elvas in Alentejo is one of the oldest bridges in the country. It was constructed in the 16th century. The length of the bridge is 400 meters. It is supported by 19 bows. The center of the structure was supported by a tower with three levels.

Algarvian Costume Ethnographical Museum

The Algarvian Costume Ethnographical Museum is found at S. Bras de Alportel in Faro, Algarve. The museum promotes Arabian architecture. Inside the museum, guests can find 16 rooms and a yard. The place features old vehicles and costumes in the country.

Fonte de Areia

Fonte de Areia is one of the interesting destinations at Porto Santo in Madeira. The place features a golf course where guests can enjoy. In addition, they can find natural springs in this site. Moreover, attractive sandstone formations are present at the spot.

Caldeira do Cabeco Gordo

The Caldeira deo Cabeco Gordo at Horto in Azores features two volcanoes. The volcanoes provide a beautiful view of the island. This site is a good place for hiking, mountain climbing and trekking.

Sao Sebastiao Church

Located at Ponta Delgada in Azores, Sao Sebastiao Church was established in 1553. The place features the Manuelian architecture. Inside the church, visitors can see fittings and fixtures in the 17th century, which are created from Brazilian jacaranda wood.

Bishop’s Palace Garden

The Bishop’s Palace Garden in Castelo Branco was constructed by D. Joa de Mendonca. The place features statues, fountains and lakes. One of the highlights of the place is the Flooded Garden. There are also religious statues around the garden such as the statues of the Apostles.

Portugal is a nice country to see if tourists want to travel back in time. By going to these places, tourists can have ideas about the history and cultural heritage of this nation.