Tourist Spots in Qatar

Qatar has an interesting and historic past which many tourists love to experience through the country’s many sights and areas which display the country’s culture. When traveling to this diverse country put these top ten tourist spots on your list of must see places.

The Kingdom of Aladdin

This tourist spot in Qatar is situated on the West Bay area. It is an entertainment place that is composed of more than 18 play features that suit anyone from any age group. The place has a rest house, an artificial lagoon, a theatre, and a cafeteria.

The Zoo

A tourist spot in Qatar that is situated about 20 kilometers outside of Doha along the Salwa Road. Here you can find a collection consisting of a wide variety of birds, animals, and reptiles. There is also a mini-amusement park that is perfect for the children.

Khor Al Udaid Beach

Located about 78 kilometers away from Doha, this tourist spot in Qatar is a beautiful beach that is famous for its wonderful sand dunes. The sand dunes have a height of 40 meters in specific locations.

Al Jassasiya

The place is a series of rocky hills that is facing the northeastern coast of Qatar. It is a tourist spot in Qatar that is situated in between the villages of Al Huwailah and Fuwairit. The main attractions of the area are stone carvings during the pre-historic times and are preserved well.

Desert Safari

Enjoy in this tourist spot in Qatar where you can take a trip to an inland sea at the heart of the desert. Spend your day touring around the place where you can see sand dunes that has the height of 60 meters. This is absolutely and exciting and safe tour to undertake in the mysterious desert of Qatar.


This is a beautiful coastline that has a total length of seven kilometers and runs parallel with the Arabian Gulf. This tourist spot in Qatar is a wonderful place for leisure stroll, jogging, and walking. The environment is fresh and relaxing and perfect for family picnics.

Oryx Farm

The national animal of Qatar is a beautiful animal but its population is only few. Visit this tourist spot in Qatar and see the large numbers of Oryx roaming freely on their natural surroundings. The Oryx Farm is situated at Shahaniya.

Water Sports and Cruises

One of the main tourist spot in Qatar is the various water sports and cruises in the Arabian Gulf. A favorite pastime in Qatar is sailing and lots of private firms are offering windsurfing and parasailing as well as equipment rentals. Take a sunset cruise to have an excellent view of Doha at nighttime. Yachts are also available for rentals.

Al Rumaila Park

Located within Corniche on Doha, the park has a spacious grass area and there are lots of shopping establishments, rides, and restaurants on its surroundings.

Dahl El-Hamam Public Park

Situated in Khalifa Al-Shamalia, this tourist spot in Qatar is a public park that is composed of several grassy yards, children’s playground, and large space for leisure walking.