Tourist Spots in San Marino

San Marino is fast becomoing a top tourist area for the new millinium. As the country is not over crowded, San Marino is a greta vacation spot and here are the top ten places you should check out.

La Rocca

This tourist spot in San Marino is also called as the First Tower or Guaita. Of all the three towers in San Marino, this is the oldest since it was constructed on the 11th century and few renovations were done during the 19th and 20th centuries. The tower was a functional prison up to the year 1970 but today, tourists are now free to tour in and out of the place.

La Cesta

One of the three towers in San Marino that was built during the 13th century. This tourist spot in San Marino is where you can find the Museum of Historical Weapons. The tower fortress is standing majestically on the Mount Titano’s highest peak.


One of the three towers in San Marino that has a significant role in the 13th century during the time of conflict with the Malatesta Family. The tower is close to any tours for all visitors however, the surrounding of the fortress gives a wonderful view of the city below.

Basilica del Santo Patrano

This is the main church of the country and this tourist spot in San Marino is a building with a neo-classic design. The structure has a high square tower made of stone and it also the place to look for the San Marino Burial Monument. Displayed within the basilica are several paintings that show great medieval religious portrayal.

Palazzo Pubblico

This is where the seat of government of San Marino is located. This tourist spot in San Marino has a structure like that of a castle with all the stone statutes, turrets, and massive walls made from light brown stone. The building has a Gothic-Tuscan design that was built during the 15th century.

Chiesa dei Cappuccini

This tourist spot in San Marino was built during the 16th century. The interesting areas of the structure are the portico, facade, and cloister. There is also some painting display that portrays the Deposition of Zuccari. Standing in the courtyard of the church is the beautiful monument of Saint Francis of Asisi.

State Museum

The museum was built in 1899 and it displays thousands of artifacts for the public to view. Some artifacts on display on this tourist spot in San Marino are ancient archaeological finds, architectural remains of ancient structures, works of arts, ancient coins, and many more.

St. Francis Museum

This tourist spot in San Marino is of great significance specifically the building since it is a Franciscan monastery that was built during the 14th century by the Comacine masters. Within the museum, exhibits of great painting collections done in both canvas and panel. There are two small halls within the museum that are dedicated to the works of Emilio Ambron.

The Grand Prix

This is the largest yearly event in San Marino when thousands of visitors come to get their adrenalines pumped up. Watch the race and see plenty of tough and fast drivers burn rubber tires on the streets.

Museo delle Curiosita

This is a different kind of museum where you can find a rare collection of unbelievable facts, personalities, and objects. Each item displayed in this tourist spot in San Marino may be strange to you but all of them are true.