Tourist Spots in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, although many would not think so, actually has a thriving tourism industry and there is a lot to see in this very historic country full of culture and intrest to many.


This is the most holy place to all Muslims and pilgrims are always present here all year round. This is also a popular tourist spot in Saudi Arabia for non-Muslims where they got to witness the different events and festivals held in Mecca. There are also the Mountain of Light, the Holy Mosque, and the Grand Mosque where you could truly appreciate the wonderful Islam religion.

Al Masjid Al Nabawi

A major tourist spot in Saudi Arabia and considered by the Muslims as the second holiest mosque in the world. The place was once the residence of Prophet Muhammad and now has become the focal point for religious instructions. This is an important landmark in the rich heritage of the country of Saudi Arabia.

Masjid al Qiblatain

A top tourist spot in Saudi Arabia that displays the rich architecture of the country. The mosque is among the list of the world’s oldest mosques that was once a small building and now renovated to receive 2,000 people all at once. This mosque plays an important role in the history of Islam religion.

Quba Mosque

Quba Mosque is the holiest of all the mosques found in Madina and is also the world’s oldest mosque. This ancient mosque is part of the most famous tourist spot in Saudi Arabia. It is a belief that the first stones of the edifice were put in place personally by the Prophet himself. The architectural design of the mosque is also very interesting.

Jawatha Mosque

This tourist spot in Saudi Arabia is among the oldest religious mosques within the country. It was built during the seventh century by the Bani Abdul Qais tribe and was believed to be the first of all the mosques within the eastern section of Saudi Arabia. Within its ruins, you will be able to view the past glorious days of the mosque.

Dumat al Jundal

A tourist spot in Saudi Arabia that will let you encounter romance within its ancient ruins. This mystical city of Dumat al Jundal will take you back to the time of the tenth century B.C. and lets you discover the interesting history of Saudi Arabia. The place is located within a beautiful oasis on the northern part of the Great Nafud Desert.


Don’t miss out this fascinating tourist spot in Saudi Arabia where a very prosperous settlement of the Jews once inhabit the area. You need to spend enough time in order to thoroughly seek the wondrous scattered in the area and learn the interesting history that comes with them.

Medain Saleh

A tourist spot in Saudi Arabia that is not just beautiful but also important in the history of the country. Scattered within the area are about 131 tombs and the total land area of the place is estimated to be 13.4 kilometers. Aside from the tombs, there are also towers, walls, houses, and other kinds of ruined structures.

Rock Carving Site

There are a number of rock carving sites in Saudi Arabia and the most notable of them all is Jubbah. Travel through time as you learn the ancient art of the primeval folks and understand the way of their life during the prehistoric era. These arts in the ancient rocks are truly intriguing and fascinating.

Al Ula

An interesting tourist spot in Saudi Arabia that was once an active site of the commerce and trade activities. The place has been the heart of the Saudi Arabian Civilization until the first century B.C. Surrounding Al Ula are wonderful carved tombs and other ancient structures.