Tourist Spots in Senegal

Tourism is an important sector of Senegal. To enhance the economy of this Western Africa country, the government develops and promotes the different attractions in the place. Tourists who want to experience a memorable vacation in the country should see the top 10 tourist spots in Senegal.

Goree Island

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Senegal, the Goree Island is found in Dakar. This place is historic because slave trade is very popular in the island from the 1600s to the 1800s. Some of the historical sites in the island include the University Cheikh Anta Diop and the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire.

Saint Louis

Another destination that foreigners can check out in the country is the town of Saint Louis. The place is historic and it features many archaeological sites. When it comes to natural attractions, the town plays home to the Fauna Reserve of Gueumbeul as well as the Birds of Djoudj National Park.

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

The Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary is found at River Senegal’s bank. The sanctuary plays home to 400 bird species. The most visible species of birds in the sanctuary are the flamingos as well as the pelicans. Aside from these, people can also find Aquatic Warblers.

Senegal River

One of the popular bodies of water in the country, the Senegal River is found at the borders of Mauritania and Senegal. The structures that can be seen at the river include the Maka-Damia Dam and the Manantali Dam.

Niokolo-Kaba National Park

The Niokolo-Kaba National Park is a protected area that can be found at the southeast part of the country. The park plays home to 1500 plant species and 330 bird species. In addition, it features 38 reptile species, 80 mammal species and 20 amphibian species.

Guembeul Natural Reserve

Found at the south of Saint Louis, the Guembeul Natural Reserve covers a total area of 720 hectares. This tourist spot plays home to numerous species of mammals, reptiles and birds. It also features the African Spurred Tortoise and gazelles.

Saloum Delta National Park

The Saloum Delta National Park is situated at the delta of the Saloum River as well as the Sine River. The bird species that can be seen at the park are the Greater Flamingo, the Eurasian Spoonbill, the Ruddy Turnstone as well as the Little Stint.

Basse Casamance

Tourists who want to enjoy swimming and other water sports can visit Basse Casamance. The place is known for featuring two world class resorts, the Ziguindor and the Cap Skiring. In addition, there are nice restaurants and hotels at this place.


Kaolack is a city in the country that is famous for the Tijaniyyah Sufi order. At the city, people can find numerous stores that offer local products and delicacies like peanut. Another popular site in the city is the Sufi Lodge, which was constructed in 1910.


Tambacounda is a historic city that can be seen at the eastern part of the country. The city is well-preserved and its total population is estimated to be 100,000. The city is known for promoting two sects, the Pulaar and the Bamana.

Senegal is a developing country and the tourism sector is important to improve its economy. To have a wonderful vacation at this place, it is important to see these interesting and historic sites.