Tourist Spots in Seychelles

You may not have heard of Seychelles as being a vacation destination, however many tourists are finding this a great choice for an adventure. Here is a list of the top ten things to enjoy in Seychelles.


This is the capital city of Mahe Island where the main port of the country is located. For those interested in the history of the place, visiting this tourist spot in Seychelles is recommended. The Natural History Museum is located at the heart of the city and various interesting exhibits are displayed. Walking within Victoria’s Botanical Garden is quite relaxing.

Anse Lazio

This tourist spot in Seychelles is the finest beach on the island of Praslin. Enjoy the splendid soft white sand on the beach with little round granite stones and the waves are very alive. Dip in the refreshing turquoise water and see the underwater community through snorkeling. There’s a protected reef nearby making the water on the beach shallow and safe.

Cousin Island

An island about two kilometers away from Praslin that is a nature reserve for many years now. This tourist spot in Seychelles is a habitat to lots of endangered species and also a breeding place for turtles and seabirds. Take a walk through the forest and see a bird on almost every branch of a tree. George and Georgina, a very old tortoise couple, is an interesting site in the island.

Beau Vallon

A popular and huge beach in the island of Mahe and a favorite tourist spot in Seychelles. The sandy beach is clean, nice, and almost rock-free. Enjoy swimming in the water and lounging around the beach bars and loungers. The beach is located approximately three kilometers on the western part of Victoria.

Ste Anne Marine National Park

A tourist spot in Seychelles that offers a lot of different activities to spend your day with. The park is composed of six islands and snorkeling is excellent in this area of the country. Moyenne Island is the best place to go to in here since it is famous for its buried riches and ghosts. Round Island is also a good place to go to and enjoy their authentic Creole food.

Vallee de Mai

Located on Praslin Island, the place is the only one on the country where a great collection of coco de mer palms is found. There are about 4,000 of these palm trees present in the valley and the entire forest is a proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient forest is unbelievably fragile so it is recommended that you keep to the trail and never wander off anywhere.

Black Pearl

This tourist spot in Seychelles gives you three wonderful experiences in one place. The place is located in Praslin Island and it has a Pearl Farm, a Giant Clam Farm, and a Black Pearl shop. Learn the life cycle of giant clams and how to care for them as you get a personal encounter with thousands of giant clams in the farm. This is the only pearl farm found within the region of the Indian Ocean.

Denis Island

This is the famous diving destination of the country due to the existence of superior marine life around the island. There is a diving center in this tourist spot in Seychelles and they will assist you with the right equipment and guide.

Bird Island

A great tourist spot in Seychelles where millions of bird come to nest here each year on the month of May. The beaches on the island are amazing and the vegetation is absolutely lush. There is also a barrier reef where various tropical fishes are visible.

La Digue Island

A beautiful and wonderful tourist spot in Seychelles that is full of natural landscapes making the island unique compared to other tropical islands of the world. There are a number of coves to explore and the beaches are secluded.