Tourist Spots in Slovakia

Tourism in Slovakia features attractive sites like ski resorts, folk architecture, medieval castles, caves, mountains and natural landscapes. Most foreigners who visit the place came from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Featured in this article are the top 10 tourist spots in Slovakia.

High Tatras

A mountain range found at the borders between Poland and Slovakia. The highest peak of this mountain range is the Gerlachovsky stit while the notable peaks are the Rysy and the Krivan. The major lakes at the place are the Morskie Oke and the Czarny Staw pod Rysami.

Bojinice Castle

Another notable tourist destination in the country is the Bojinice Castle. The castle is a popular location for motion pictures. The place promotes the Renaissance architecture. Inside the castle, people can find a museum with collections of works during the architectural neo-styles era.

Saint Martin’s Concathedral

The Saint Martin’s Concathedral is situated at Bratislava. The dimension of the church is 69.37 meters x 22.85 meters x 16.02 meters. The tower of the cathedral measures 85 meters high. One of the valuable possessions that can be found in the church is the crown of Saint Stephens.

Domica Cave

Domica Cave is found at the Slovak Karst in the District of Roznava. It is the biggest cave in the area and guests can find numerous species in the cave like bats and snakes. The total area covered by the cave is 5140 meters, however only 1600 meters can be accessed by the public.

Jasovska Cave

Another cave in the Slovak Karst is the Jasovska Cave. Inside the cave, people can find stalactites. The cave is one of the World Heritage Sites in the country. Only 852 meters of the 2,148 meters are allowed to be visited by the public.

Banska Stiavnica

A popular mining town in Slovakia, Banska Stiavnica is preserved by the UNESCO and the population in the place is approximately 10,000. Some of the landmarks in the town are the Trinity Square, tajchy and a mining museum. Some of the notable people in the place are scientists Andrej Kmet and Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin.


One of the historic towns in Slovakia, Bardejov is found at the Saris region. The attractive spots at the town are the Saint Aegidius Church, the central square and the town hall. The total area covered by the town is 72.78 square kilometers.

Spis Castle

The Spis Castle is found at the eastern part of the country. The structure was constructed in the 12th century. The castle promotes Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic architectural styles. Inside the castle, people can see the Spis Museum.


Vlkolinec is a historic village in Ruzomberok. Some of the famous sites at the village are the ancient houses, the belfry and the wooden carved sculpture at the village’s entrance. Most of the houses at this village are made from log. The village also features a baroque chapel.

Poloniny National Park

The Poloniny National Park is found at the north eastern part of the country. The park plays home to 100 lichens and 800 fungi. In addition, it also features 5,981 species of invertebrates like the true bugs, mollusks and butterflies.

Slovakia is a country that is rich in natural and historic sites. To have a notable vacation in the place, it is best to see these tourist destinations.