Tourist Spots in Sudan

The Sudan is not on the top of many tourist’s list of places to visit but after reading this list of the top ten places to see in this dynamic country, it may make its way to the top of your list!


The capital city of Sudan and is located at the place of convergence of Blue Nile and White Nile. Khartoum holds some important tourist spots in Sudan such as Palace Museum, National Museum of Sudan, Ethnographical Museum, Botanical Gardens, Sayeda El Bushara Church, St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Mosques, Khartoum Mogran, The War Cemetery, and many more.


An ancient city and is a significant tourist spot in Sudan. The city is situated on the eastern side of the bank of the great Nile River. There are about two hundred pyramids that dotted the city and they serves as the main attraction of the place.

Port Sudan

A port city of the Red Sea State and functions as an exit point going to Jeddah crossing over the Red Sea. The coast of the Red Sea within Port Sudan is a major tourist spot in Sudan.

Al Fasher

A sought-after tourist spot in Sudan since it is like an oasis in the midst of the desolate western portion of the country. Visit the palace of the Sultan to see the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the people living here.


A popular tourist spot in Sudan due to its strategic location beside the Nile River. The place is a melting pot of different cultures making it an interesting destination as you travel the country of Sudan. One important site is the remains of the Baqt Treaty.


A chief tourist spot in Sudan because the city is full of the beauty of nature. The river port of the city serves as a traffic passage within the White Nile River. Drive along the only paved road of the city that was built in the 1950s by the British. Visiting the Juba National University is also an interesting activity to do here.

Wadi Halfa

This wonderful tourist spot in Sudan will let you spend some of your time in serenity. The place is full of scenic town views specifically near Lake Nubia. Lots of archaeological activities are going on in the area in order to preserve the various Egyptian antiquities around.


A city located in the Upper Nile and a perfect getaway for your tired and worn out body. Spend a peaceful time in this tourist spot in Sudan where everything you see reflects the wonderful cultural heritage of the people here. Impressive architectural brightness and structures are found in towers, parks, and other important edifices.

Jebel Barkal

A small mountain that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located about 400 kilometers on the region north of Khartoum. The ruins in this tourist spot in Sudan is really popular that includes three palaces and 13 temples at the least.

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

A popular water activity to do while in Sudan within the refreshing waters of the Red Sea. Due to the favorable conditions throughout the year, the Red Sea offers beautiful underwater views that are truly unforgettable. Lots of diving tour operators are easily available in the area that will assist you in making your first dive in the waters of the Red Sea.