Tourist Spots in Switzerland

The Chillon Castle

This tourist spot in Switzerland is among the popular castles found in the country and is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. The castle was made during the 11th century and it consisted of a hundred buildings. The Savoy nobility once resided in this magnificent place.

Swiss Transport Museum

This tourist spot in Switzerland is located in Lucerne and is the home of hundreds of exhibits of ships, locomotives, automobile, aircraft, and other means of transportation and communication. The works of Hans Erni is also displayed extensively in the museum. You will be truly entertained with the IMAX theatre and Planetarium at the place.


This is one of the top tourist spots in Switzerland because it is a beautiful ski resort located at the foot of the most popular peak of the Swiss Alps, the Matterhorn. Even if you don’t want to go skiing, you can still enjoy the captivating view of the place while shopping around or dining at a gourmet restaurant.

Swiss National Park

One of the tourist spots in Switzerland that is really worth seeing. Even if you can’t spend the night here, you will certainly love the various scenery of the Swiss Alps while hiking the trails within the park. The total area of the park covers about half of the total area of the country where different wildlife finds their sanctuary like marmots, eagles, and elks.

Geneva Jet D’eau

This tourist spot in Switzerland is located at the center of the city of Geneva and was built in 1891. It is among the world’s tallest fountains and it can project water up to the height of 140 meters. This fountain is among the symbols embraced by the city of Geneva.


This tourist spot in Switzerland is a two-thousand-year-old town that is rich and full of history. The buildings have continually kept the historic impression of the area even if international boutiques, trendy cafes, and modern technology are full of life here. Operas and open-air concerts are held at nighttime. A boat trip on Lake Zurich by a steamer is a breathtaking activity to do.


A beautiful tourist spot in Switzerland where waterfalls are running freely down the mountainside. The place is a portion of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Seeing the waterfalls is really captivating. You can also do some hiking and picnicking around the area where the scenery are truly fascinating.

Schilthorn and Piz Gloria

The Schilthorn is one of the mountains in the Swiss Alps region and the Piz Gloria is a restaurant situated at the top of this mountain and it is a revolving structure. This tourist spot in Switzerland can only be reach by traveling a train, then a bus, and then a cable car since the place is 2,970 meters above the sea level. Dine in the restaurant and get a 360-degree bewitching view of the horizon.


The place lies in the northeastern section of Switzerland between Bad Ragaz and Lake Walen. In this tourist spot in Switzerland, you will find different kinds of walking trails as well as the largest Nordic fitness park of the country. The home of the delicious Swiss cheese and cow shows are famous here as the townspeople are dressed up in their beautiful traditional costumes. A relaxing spa resort is found at Bad Ragaz.

Aletsch Glacier

A tourist spot in Switzerland where you can find the longest and most remarkable glacier in the Alps region. It is 23 kilometers long and the access is easy. Within the Aletsch forest are found the oldest stone pines of the country.