Tourist Spots in Taiwan

While Taiwan is mostly known for business, there are many sights to behold and experience. Here are the top ten places all visitors to Taiwan should have on the list of things to see when in this exciting and modern country.

Taipei 101

Its official name is Taipei International Financial Center and it is a skyscraper composed of 101 floors. This tourist spot in Taiwan has a height of 508 meters and is located in the Xinyi District. Considered as the tallest building of the world, Taipei 101 has the fastest elevators in the world. Visit the place on late afternoons to behold the wonderful day and night scenery of the city.

Alishan National Scenic Area

This tourist spot in Taiwan is considered as the most visited of all the national parks in the country. Located at the heart of Taiwan, the national park is full of misty forests where towering cypresses grow. You can also witness the amazing sunrises seen only in this place. You may want to take a scenic trip in a narrow-gauge train on your way to Alishan.

Kenting National Park

It is located at the endmost southern portion of the country. This tourist spot in Taiwan is popular for its amazing beaches and fresh vegetation. Water sports are all over the area like surfing, jet skiing, and swimming.

Seawhale Ocean Tours

This is a great opportunity to see the amazing seawhales and dolphins within their natural habitat. Since they are situated on the basin of the Siouguluan River, white water river rafting is also ideal. A great tourist spot in Taiwan for deep sea fishing at night for flying fish and squid.

The Historic Commercial District of Jiufen

The place is composed of a chain of restaurants and stores that spreads along the streets of Shuchi and Jishan. This tourist spot in Taiwan is a must-see for anyone where the restaurants and stores are constructed into the side of the hills along the coast of Jiufen. Witness the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the harbor as relive the past of this historic place.

Kaohsiung Lantern Festival

Between February and March, tourists can join in this grand lantern festival of the country. It is held near the popular Love River where the Kaohsiung harbour is situated. You can see various kinds of traditional lanterns and grand fireworks display. Have a bite of the tasty Taiwan delicacies and enjoy yourself in the live concerts and art programs.

Lovers Lake

This tourist spot in Taiwan is situated in the western portion of Keelung at Mount Dawulun mountainside. Enjoy the beautiful lake, dense woods, and relaxing views of the place. There is also an observation deck for a greater view of the seashore below.

Sun Moon Lake

A famous tourist spot in Taiwan where the glittering blue waters of the lake are set against a beautiful mountain background. The place is a traditional destination of newlyweds for their honeymoon. The lake is considered as Taiwan’s largest lake and for thousands of years, it is the heart of the aboriginal life of the country.

National Museum of Natural Science

A huge and intricate museum that is actually composed of seven individual museums. A science themed tourist spot in Taiwan that features hands-on displays that shows the various scientific principles. It is worth spending a day here with your kids.

Taroko Gorge

It is a majestic canyon with a length of 19 kilometers located near the east coast of Taiwan. Take a hike on the ‘Mysterious Valley Trail’ and other hiking trails of the area and pay a visit to the Eternal Spring Shrine.