Tourist Spots in Turkey

Turkey is an ancient country with many sites for the tourist to see. Here is the top ten things everyone should visit when in the country.


This is a famous tourist spot in Turkey where shopaholics usually go since Istanbul is included in the list of Europe’s shopping capitals. As a city that connects two worlds and two continents, you can definitely see the various contrasts of the country. It is a global city and an ancient city all in one place.


Among the tourist spots in Turkey, the place is considered as the ‘unofficial tourism capital’ of the country. Here you can find stunning and clean beaches and the place is also full of archaeological heritage. Various architectural influences are evident in the area such as Roman, Lycian, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Hellenistic.


The perfect tourist spot in Turkey where visitors can purchase the best Turkish crafts at very low prices. As Turkey’s city capital, not only is the place full of commerce and trade activities but also of historic, artistic, and cultural destinations such as museums.


A tourist spot in Turkey that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is popular for the presence of amazing geological formations specifically the fairy chimneys. These amazing formations were created from the erosions of majestic natural columns and pillars that has the appearance of minarets.


A tourist spot in Turkey that is dotted with various Roman and Greek ruins making the place a famous destination for both local and foreign visitors. The great Temple of Artemis is found here as well as the famous House of the Virgin Mary and the Cave of the Seven Sleepers.

The Turkish Riviera

It is Turkey’s coastline that faces the Mediterranean and is also called as the Turquoise Coast. This tourist spot in Turkey is filled with beautiful beaches that are considered to be the cleanest within the entire Mediterranean. Interesting archaeological locations also abound within the area.


The most striking of all the ancient ruins in Turkey is Diyarbakir. This is the tourist spot in Turkey where the city walls are still unbroken. Lots of ancient minarets are still present in the area making the place a must-see for any visitor in the country.


A famous tourist spot in Turkey where the romantic tale of The Iliad will never be forgotten. Even if it is now a place of archaeological ruins, Troy will always be an interesting place to visit for anyone going to Turkey.


A tourist spot in Turkey where visitors can make pilgrimages to the numerous monasteries of Mardin. The most notable of them is the Deyr’ul Zafaran Monastery. The unusual stone houses that are already ancient are popular here even if they are considered private for the people of Mardin.


Another tourist spot in Turkey that is under the protection of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here lies the ruins of an ancient spa resort built during the Roman era. Still standing today are the relics of what used to be the public baths during those times.