Tourist Spots in United Kingdom

Windsor Castle

This tourist spot in United Kingdom is considered as the world’s largest occupied castle. The area surface of the castle alone is 13 acres. This is the Queen’s preferred ‘home from home’ since she is spending most of her weekends in the castle. As a working castle, lots of ceremonial affairs are held at Windsor Castle up to this day.


This tourist spot in United Kingdom is considered as the most symbolic site throughout the country. It has been standing there for the last five thousand years and no one really knows the real reason why it was built. But the mystery it brings did captivate the imaginative minds of millions of visitors for centuries.


The place is one of the most sensational landscapes in the country. The weather in this tourist spot in United Kingdom is always changing rapidly. Outdoor activities like gentle and relaxing walks, mountain walks, pony trekking, cycling, and riding are ideal to do here.

Hadrian’s Wall

This is the wall that protects the Roman Empire border on the North of Britain. When you visit this tourist spot in United Kingdom, you will get an interesting glimpse of the life that the Roman legion have at this place.

York Minster

This is a tourist spot in United Kingdom that is included in the Seven Wonders of Britain in the year 2002. York Minster is a gigantic and gorgeous Gothic cathedral that took approximately 250 years to construct from 1220 to 1472. This 600-year-old structure has the largest breadth of Gothic stained glass throughout the world.

The Roman Baths

This intricate tourist spot in United Kingdom was constructed by the Romans about two thousand years ago. It is constructed around some natural hot springs that produces more than one million liters of water each day. The location of the baths has contributed greatly to its preservation up to the present.

Iron Bridge

This tourist spot in United Kingdom is noted as ‘The Birthplace of Industry’ with the presence of the eighteenth century style of factories, furnaces, canals, and workshops. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are ten museums on the area covering a total land area of 80 acres.

Edinburgh Castle

This tourist spot in United Kingdom is a landmark that can be seen from almost any place within the city. Built high up on an already extinct volcano, the castle is an ancient fortress right in the heart of Scotland. Every month of August, the Scottish regiments perform a colorful parade that is a must-see event.

The Royal Pavilion

A very famous tourist spot in United Kingdom that is a sea-side summer house specifically constructed for King George IV when he was still the Prince Regent. It is a structure that displays the literal meaning of ‘over the top’. It has an appearance of a so-called Indian palace but its interiors are Chinese-influenced.

St. Ives Cornwall

A tourist spot in United Kingdom that is a perfect destination for artists from around the world. The place has spacious sandy beaches on the south and exciting caves and cliffs on the north. St. Ives is considered as a great community for artists especially with the presence of Tate St. Ives.