Tourist Spots in Uruguay

Uruguay is not a place one should overlook when thinking of a vacation spot. Here is a list of the top ten places to see when touring around the country of Uruguay.

Punta del Diablo

A tourist spot in Uruguay where you can have a tranquil escape from the noisy city. You can take a leisure walk along the deserted coastlines, enjoy staying in wooden cabins, go fishing and surfing all day long, and experience a worry-free lifestyle here.

Palacio Salvo

A Uruguayan skyscraper that is located in Montevideo. Your trip will never be complete if you don’t visit this tourist spot in Uruguay. This Gothic palace displays contemporary architecture and is a pride of the people of Uruguay making the building a national symbol.

Punta del Este

A tourist spot in Uruguay that is famous all over the world for its chain of resorts within the long stretch of beaches. Various restaurants, elegant hotels, and never-ending parties. The wild charisma and astonishing beauty of the place makes it a popular destination for beach lovers specifically on the summer months.

Feria de Tristan Narvaja

This is a tourist spot in Uruguay where you could shop for antiques, astesanias, records, and many more. A unique market in Montevideo where you could find fresh fruits and vegetables, used books, pets, and fish. It is ideal to shop here on Sundays where the displays are limitless.

Isla de Gorriti

A wonderful island full of wonderful beaches that can truly satisfy you. There are also some 18th century fortresses found within the island. A great tourist spot in Uruguay where you could truly have the real fun under the sun.

Plaza de Torros

This is a short-lived bullfighting ring within Colonia del Sacramento. This tourist spot in Uruguay has great architectural design that your eyes can feast on. Enter the ring through a damaged gate and into the arena.


A great tourist spot in Uruguay where you could see art decoration designs of Spanish-Italian influence. A city of great cultural diversity and full of festivities and beaches. Join the lively dancing spree on the city streets when you visit the place on the months of February to March.

Colonia del Sacramento

A wonderful tourist spot in Uruguay where the majority of the streets are made of cobblestones, the history is exciting, and the scenic spots are stunning. Tour around the city’s drawbridge, museum, lighthouse, and bullfighting rings. Experience a great life in this city that is full of nightspots and various places of entertainment.

Casa Pueblo

An art gallery and a Mediterranean villa whose rooms are dedicated to the masterpieces of Carlos Vilaro. This tourist spot in Uruguay is a fascinating building that functions as a place for safekeeping for great works of art.

Water Sports

With the long coastline of Uruguay, water sports are truly unlimited. Take your gear and enjoy the various water sports available such as swimming, surfing, and fishing. The beautiful and pristine waters of Uruguay give you endless opportunities for water-based activities.