Tourist Spots in Venezuela

One of the tropical countries in South America, the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela features numerous destinations that are attractive to tourists. These sites are easy to locate and are accessible to various forms of transportation so travelers will not have a hard time finding the spots. Below are the top 10 tourist spots in Venezuela.

Angel Falls

Also known as Salto Angel, the Angel Falls at Canaima National Park in Guayana has a height of 979 meters. To have a nice view of the falls, tourists are advised to go to the site during rainy season. Some of the activities that can be done at the place include boating and canoeing.

Isla de Margarita

One of the interesting regions in the country is Isla de Margarita. The place features a natural area with forests and beaches. Tourists who see the place enjoy swimming, hiking, trekking and scuba diving. Those who like to shop for souvenirs should see the trendy shops at the City of Porlamar.

Cuava del Guacharo

Cuava del Guacharo is found 12 kilometers away from Caripe. This place is a popular tourist destination because it is considered as the country’s largest cave. Inside the cave, visitors can find a river. The inhabitants at the site include crabs, spiders, nocturnal birds as well as mice.

Mochima National Park

The Mochima National Park is near to Cumana and Puerto La Cruz. The most popular attractions in the park are the beaches and the small villages. To have an enjoyable travel to the site, it is best to try various activities like diving and hiking.

Museo Bolivariano

Museo Bolivariano in Caracas is one of the historic sites that should be visited by foreigners. This place features collections of items or materials that are important to the country’s history. Some of the items inside the museum are artifacts related to Venezuela’s independence.

Morrocoy National Park

The Morrocoy National Park near Tucacas and Chichiriviche. At the park, tourists can find white sand beaches. Many people enjoy scuba diving at the site because they can find numerous coral reefs under the waters of the beaches.

Parque El Zanjon

Parque El Zanjon at Ciudad Bolivar in Guayana is a distinct park that features huge boulders. The art gallery as well as the houses at the site are all made from boulders. This place is popular because of the minerals that can be found at the park.

Gran Roque

Gran Roque is one of the historic sites in the country. The tourist destination at the Archipelago Los Roques is popular for maintaining a total population of 1,000 people. The interesting sites at the village include the 1870s lighthouse as well as the brightly painted settlements.


One of the famous tourist destinations in Andes, Merida is a city that has a cool climate. The teleferico, the longest and highest cable car in the world, is the main attraction in the city.

Iglesia de San Francisco

Devotees who are interested in visiting holy sites in Venezuela should see the Iglesia de San Francisco in Caracas. The interior of the building promotes a colonial architecture. The attractive items in the site include the baroque altars.

Venezuela is one of the South American countries that have numerous natural wonders. By looking at these sites, people can increase their knowledge on the history, culture and heritage of the country.