Tourist Spots in Yemen

For those looking for something new, the tourist spots in Yemen will appeal to your sense of exploration and adventure. That they’re not as famous and crowded as the tourist sights in other countries makes them all the more appealing.


Situated by the Arabian Sea, it is filled with numerous fortresses and tunnels. Two of the most vital historical landmarks are the Water Reservoirs of Al-Taweelah and the Fort of Jabal ‘Aly. Most of the monuments are situated in the Old city of Aden and the surrounding area.


This ancient city is famous for its ancient mosques, most notably the Mosque of Abban. The Lighthouse in Crater is another major sightseeing spot. The city is also famous for its markets, including the Al-Taweel, Za’afaran and the Buhara Market.

Taiz City

One of the upcoming tourist spots in Yemen, the city is 256 km from Sana. The most distinguishable landmarks are the Al Ma’tabiyyah dome and the Al Muzaffar mosque. There is also a museum housing artifacts and relics.

Tomb of Sheikh Ahmad

One of the most famous tombs in the country is that of Sheikh Ahmad Bin Alwan, a Sufist who lived c. 1300 AD. His tomb is located just to the southwest of Taiz. The tomb is under a mosque and draws scores of visitors annually.

Al Mocha

The city is west to Taiz (approximately 94 km). The most conspicuous landmark here is the Shazli mosque. Dating back 500 years, it is one of the most remarkable tourist spots in Yemen. Other sightseeing spots include the Malik Beach, Yakhtal Beach and the many palm trees in the area.

Al Janad

It was here the first mosque in Yemen was built in 630 AD. Landmarks include the ancient mosque set at the mountains. There are also water canals by the mountain. Also part of the attraction is the Weekly Souks or markets.


The main attractions in this city are the beaches along the western end, ideal for swimming or fishing. There are also several valleys here including the Wadi Surdud and the Wadi Zabid valleys. Bura Mountain is the tallest in the vicinity at 2,400 m. Rass Mountain reaches a height of 2,000 m above sea level.

Mukalla City

The fishing center of the country, the city is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Yemen due to the sultan palace. This was built by Omar bin Awad Al-Qu’aity. The Al-Ghuweizy Castle, the public markets and museum are other attractions.

Al Shehir City

The olden part of the city is filled with ancient landmarks including old walls and gates. The newer section is renowned for the white stones used on the buildings. The city is also known for its jewelry shops, boats and markets.

The Hadramout Valley

At 160 km, it is the longest in the entire Arabian Peninsula. It goes all the way to Thamoud up to the Masila Valley. In some areas there are palm trees and plants surrounding it.

The tourist spots in Yemen are both remarkable and distinctive. What the sites may lack in popularity is made up for by their notable appearance.