Tourist Spots in Zimbabwe

The performance of tourism in Zimbabwe declined since the introduction of the 2000 Land Reform program. In order to improve tourism in the country, the national program promotes the different tourist destination. Travelers should see the top 10 tourist spots in Zimbabwe to have a memorable vacation in the country.

Victoria Falls National Park

Situated at the east and south bank of the Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls National Park features one of the most popular falls in the world. Another notable place in the park is the rainforest, which includes palms, ferns and liana vines. Some of the wildlife species present at the park are the cape buffalo, hippopotamus, elephant and white rhino.

Mount Nyangani

The country’s highest peak is the Mount Nyangani, which is found at the Nyanga National Park. The highest peak of the mountain is 8,504 feet. The activities that can be enjoyed at the place are mountain hiking and rock climbing. Rivers and waterfalls are the main features of this tourist site.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is popular because these feature artifacts from the early empires in South Africa. Some of the ruins in the place were traced from the residents in the place in the late 1800s.

Matobo National Park

The Matobo National Park at Bulawayo features the famous Matobo Hills. Another attraction at this tourist destination is the Lake Matopos Recreational Park. The attraction features different animals such as the leopard, sable antelope and Rhinoceros.

Khami Ruins

The Khami Ruins is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe. The ruins were traced back from the 13th century AD. Some of the attractions that can be seen at the place are hut platforms and stone walls.

Hwange National Park

Another nice and attractive place to see at the site is the Hwange National Park. The place is the largest game reserve in the country. This spot plays home to 105 mammal species, 8 carnivores and 9 herbivores.

Bvumba Mountains

Situated at the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, the Bvumba Mountains is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. The spot features a golf course, a botanical garden and a casino. Aside from these, the place features several hotels and cottages including the Leopard Rock Hotel.

Dhlo Dhlo Ruins

One of the archaeological sites in the country is the Dhlo Dhlo Ruins. The ruins are found near Gweru. The place is consisted of a town during the 17th century or the 18th century. Most of the houses at this place are made from wood-reinforced mud.

Naletale Ruins

Naletale Ruins are found near Matabeleland. The remains at this place were traced from the Torwa State during the 17th century. One of the attractions at the site is the monument that is made of stone masonry.

World’s View

Travelers who want to do some sightseeing should spend some time at the World’s View. It provides a relaxing view of some attractive sites including Harare and Rusape. Trekking, hiking and mountain climbing are the activities that can be done at the place.

Zimbabwe is one of the countries in Africa that feature attractive tourist destinations. To know the heritage and culture in the place, it is beneficial to see the other tourist attractions in the country.