Triesenberg in Samina Valley – Liechtenstein

The Triesenberg village is one of the most popular vacation spots in Liechtenstein. The myriad attractions in the village will keep any visitor interested.


The village is in the Samina Valley. This is just a few kilometers from Vaduz, the nation’s capital.

What to See

The village is famous for its many resorts. Featuring state of the art amenities and accommodations, these give tourists a fine place to stay while exploring the place. These resorts have TV, Internet access, food, drinks and other facilities.

There is a museum in the village where different artifacts and items can be seen. Various sports activities can be done in the Triesenberg village. One of the most popular activities here is skiing. Apart from winter sports, the site also has many activities during the summer.


The country or principality of Liechtenstein came into being in 814. It consisted of the sub country of Lower Rhaetia. Since the establishment of its borders in 1434, it has not been altered. The place would later be annexed by the Carolingian Empire and segregated into countships.

Vaduz was formed in 1342 as a county. It was a part of the Werdenberg county. The country was attacked by the Austrians and Swedes during the course of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648).

The 17th century saw it being troubled by a deadly plague and witch hunts. Liechtenstein was recognized as a sovereign state in 1806 after joining Napoleon’s Confederation of the Rhine.

The country became part of the German Confederation in 1866. Two years later, the confederation collapsed. The country subsequently disbanded its army and announced permanent neutrality. This was honored in World War I and II. The decades after World War II saw its economy boom.


A daily budget of 100 USD is suitable for a tourist in the country. The cost of living here is about the same as that of Switzerland. Prices of travel tour packages to the country vary greatly. You can find several of them on the Web today.

Other Info

The Samina valley is a beautiful place. As you make your way to the village, stunning views and steep bends await. Not far from it is the ancient Walser settlement of Masescha. It has a historical church dating from the 14th century.

The Triesenberg village is just one of the attractions in the Samina Valley. The upper part of the valley has many other villages and towns.