Triglav National Park – Slovenia

Triglav National Park is a very popular destination among lovers of outdoor adventures. The park now receives over two million visitors.


The park encompasses almost all the Slovenian portion of the Julian Alps. It borders Austria at the north and Italy on the west. There are buses from Ljubljana located at the southeast portion of the park. The journey from Bled takes half an hour.

What to See

The Vintgar Gorge has a footbridge path going back to the late 1800s. This goes on for 1600 m by the River Radovna. There is also the lovely Lake Bohinj, enveloped by the Julian Alps. This is only 7 km from the Bled. The Pokljuka Ravine is another popular site in Triglav National Park. This formation is etched at the limestone.

Visitors can also check out the Savica Waterfall, the source of the Soca River and the Pericnik Waterfall. There is also the very impressive Kluze Fortress set over the Koritnica River gorge.

The Church of St. John the Baptist is famous for its frescoes. A well known activity is the Kravji Bal (Cows Ball) festival. This is a celebration of cattle that have returned to pasture. The celebration features plenty of music, drinking and retelling of legends, folk and myth about the country.


As early as 1906, it was already suggested by Prof. Albin Belar to preserve the site. But it was only in 1924 that the Alpine Conservation Park was created. The park was established in 1961. The original site was expanded in 1981 to the present boundaries. The succeeding years saw the park grow in popularity around the world.


The admission fee is 4 Euros per adult. For students, pensioners and children over 5 years of age, the fee is 3 Euros. A family ticket costs 10 Euros (two adults, two children).

Other Info

Visitors to the site can also climb Mount Triglav. The mountain is easy to climb and will take no more than a day. You can also try the Vogel Cable Car Ride. The ride offers excellent vistas of the mountains and lakes. When you get to the summit, drop by the ski slopes. The Soca River is a well known site for rafting.

In 2003, Triglav National Park was made part of the UNESCO MaB (Man and Biosphere) network. For those who plan on staying awhile, there are good accommodations at Bovec, Kranjska Gora and Bled.