Tripoli – Libya

No visit to Libya would be complete without a trip to Tripoli. It is the country’s capital and the largest city. It is situated northwest of the country at the Mediterranean Sea.

How to Get There

The major international carriers have direct flights to the Libyan capital. Visas are required, and you cannot leave the country unless your passport has the proper stamps. Once you get to the capital, you can go around in a car.

Tourists can also enter the capital from Tunisia or Egypt. The route from Tunisia is more convenient to travel than the one at Egypt. Travelling by car takes about three hours. This should be done only in the daytime.

Shepherds and many animals cross the land at night. There are plans to set up a railway service connecting the west and east portions of the nation.

What to See on a Trip to Tripoli

To see what the city has to offer, you should walk around. This allows you to explore the city to the fullest.

The Assaraya al-Hamra is a grand complex with several courtyards. You will see numerous statues and architectural designs dating from the Ottoman era.

Also worthy of visits are the Karamanli and Gurgi mosques. These showcase the craftsmanship of the local people. Close by is the Arch of Marcus Aurelius. It is the sole surviving Roman statue in the Libyan capital.

There are also many palaces in the area that are being opened for the public. You can also get up on the city walls to get a better view of the capital. The Jamahiriya Museum is the country’s national museum. Relics from the Greek and Roman eras may be viewed there.


The city was established by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BC. It was originally called Oea. Its long and rich history has made it an important site for archaeologists. Some of the most amazing
discoveries date from Roman times.


The visas cost about $50-$150. If you want to take a ferry from Tunisia to Libya, it will cost $10 one way. An archaeological guide will cost 50 Libyan Dollars (LYD) a day. These guides are mandatory if you are going to visit an archeological site. If you want to use cars, the cost is 251 LYD.

Before you make a trip to Tripoli, make sure all the documents required are ready. The information needed can change anytime, so call first.