Trondheim in Sør-Trøndelag – Norway

Trondheim is a city as well as a municipality in the county of Sør – Trøndelag. The city is among the oldest ones in the country and much of the tourist attractions here give you a glimpse of the city’s heritage.


Trondheim in Sør – Trøndelag – Norway is located in the northern parts of the country, right where the Nidelva River converges with Trondheimsfjorden.

Getting There

Flying in to Trondheim in Sør – Trøndelag – Norway is via the Trondheim Airport Værnes. The airport accommodates both local and international flights.

There are likewise trains from other parts of Norway that go to the city.

Buses are also available from other parts of the country. On the other hand, if you wish to drive your own car, you can take Highway E6 which is the north – south highway and this goes through Trondheim.

For getting around the city and visiting the sights, local buses and trains are available.

What to See and Do

Trondheim in Sør – Trøndelag – Norway has a bustling nightlife and tourists would often join the lively nightlife to experience first hand, how it is to party in the city.

For sightseeing expeditions, there are several historical structures around the city the most notable of which is Nidarosdomen or what is also known as the Nidaros Cathedral.

This is considered as the largest church in the European Continent. This is also the only remaining major cathedral in the country made in the Gothic architectural style.

The wooden mansions are likewise a sight to see. These are located within the downtown area. Other sights include the botanical gardens and the Museum of Musical Instruments.

For the most spectacular views of the sunset, walk down the banks of Nidelva River.

There is a small beach just behind the central train depot. The water is clean and cool, perfect for a quick dip in the summer.

Brief History

Trondheim in Sør – Trøndelag – Norway was named by the Viking King, Olav Tryggvason. The city was first known as Kaupangen which translates to “market or trading place.”

A few years later, it was called Nidaros. The city served as the seat of the king and also the capital city of the country until the year 1217.

It also served as the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nidaros. Trondheim city was established in the year 1838 on the 1st of January.


Budget meals cost about 25 NOK to 48 NOK per person while a three – course dinner would cost about 275 NOK. For accommodations, hostels cost about 180 NOK per person.

Mid – range hotels are around 695 NOK per person for a single room and 895 NOK for a double room. For more expensive hotels, rooms usually start at 1,100 NOK per night.

Other Information

If you will be drinking alcoholic beverages in the city, shops only sell until 8 in the evening on weekdays and 6 in the evening on Saturdays. Any type of alcoholic drinks are not sold on Sundays.