Troodos Village – Cyprus

The Troodos Village in Cyprus is very popular among visitors to the country. The plethora of attractions have made it into an irresistible draw for tourists.


The village is located in the Troodos Mountain Range. This is in the middle of the island. The range stretches almost all the way across the western portion of Cyprus. The villages are on the hill slopes and valleys.

What to See

The site is filled with hotels, cafes and restaurants. To cater to the tourist population, there are also retail stores and shops around. The Pitsillia sector is at the eastern mountain slope range.

There you will see villages along hazelnut trees and vineyards. Louvaras is located 32 kilometers to the north of Limassol. The Ayios Mamas church can be found there.

About 45 km from Limassol is Agros. It is famous for its agreeable climate and cool springs. Its gardens and hotels are exceptional. Stavros Tou Ayiasmati at Platanistassa is 15 kilometers away from Agros. Its main attraction is a 15th century church. Kourdhali has a 16th century church adorned with stunning frescoes.


Visits to the Troodos Village in Cyprus is best appreciated by knowing something about the mountains. The range is well known for its unspoiled ophiolite specimens. The mountain was formed as a result of the collision between the European and African tectonic plates.

This event would actually lead to the formation of Cyprus itself. The slowing down of the process resulted in the rock formations being undisturbed.

Erosion took place over the years. This would reveal the magma chamber below the mountain. Inside are petrified pillow lava and rocks created millions of years ago. Analysis of these remains have helped develop the sea floor spreading theory.


Taxi services can cost anywhere from 2 to 4 Euros. The currency used is the Euro. A single Euro is equal to 100 cents. If you have old Cypriot Pounds, they can be exchanged at the Central Bank in Nicosia.

Other Info

Apart from the village and resorts, the place also has a monastery and several churches. Many of these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the more popular churches are Stavros tou Ayiasmati, Timiou Stavrou at Pelendri and Archangel Michael at Pedhoulas. All the churches are Byzantine.

The beach areas around Troodos Village in Cyprus are also beautiful. What makes them truly enchanting is they have not been spoiled by development and tourism.