Trujillo in La Libertad Region – Peru

The tourist attractions in Trujillo have made it one of the most interesting cities in Peru. Like many tourist spots in the country, the highlights here are the historical landmarks.


The city is situated in northwestern Peru. Those flying in to the city can use the connections to Cajamarca, Chiclayo or Lima. There are no service trains close by; the nearest is 30 km away in Chiclin. If you are traveling by bus, it is at the Pan-American Highway. There are several connections along the highway to north to Chiclayo, Lima and Chimbote.

What to See

The best tourist attractions in Trujillo are the Moche pyramids. This conservation project started in 2006 and is one of the finest in South America.

Another interesting place is the El Brujo archaeological complex. History buffs will definitely enjoy the many interesting artifacts there. There is also a museum near the site. You can also enjoy some fantastic views by the coast.

The Museo Cassinelli is situated at a gas station basement and boasts of several Moche ceramics. The Chan Chan is situated 5 kilometers to the east of the city. It is composed of the ruins of Chimor, an old city. The city is known for its dry climate.


The city was established on December 6, 1534 by the Spanish conquistadors. The founder was Diego de Almagro. He named it Villa Trujillo in honor of the birthplace of his leader Francisco Pizarro. On November 23, 1537, the town was accorded the status of city. An earthquake destroyed the city in 1619. In 1624, rebuilding of the city began again.

The place became known for its Jesuit school and the missionaries it produced. The city would prove to be pivotal in the fight against Spain. In 1825, it served as the capital of Peru. It would also become the headquarters of Simon Bolivar.


Taxi fares should cost no more than 1 to 5 USD for most trips. If coming from the airport and going to the city, it will cost 5 USD.

Other Info

The city is known for its shoe industry. Around Pizarro road is a shopping district where you can buy shoes and other items. Wood carvings and leather goods are also available.

The tourist attractions in Trujillo include the Huaca de la Luna and the Huaca del Sol. There are also several historical mansions in the area. These mansions are known for their elaborate decorations.