Turtle Cave – Palau

Palau is littered with many amazing dive sites. That’s why people who love to see an interesting underwater world travel as far as this group of islands in the Micronesia area. The Turtle Cave or the Turtle Cove is one of the many diving spots that tourist love coming to.

Location and How to Get There

The Turtle Cove is located in the Ngercheu Island. It is in the southwestern reefs of Palau and is about 40 kilometers away from the main island of Koror. Traveling by speedboat will last for about 45 minutes coming from Koror.

What to See There

The trip to Turtle Cove is sure worth it because this diving spot is teeming with a lively underwater life. There are many different sea creatures that you will have a close encounter with upon diving onto this site.

Among other things, there are many different turtles that you can find here, sans the name. But aside from the turtles, sharks, Big Eye Jacks, snappers, butterfly fish, Titan Triggers, and Hawkfish also make for a nice sight.

With two anchoring buoys, the Turtle Cove is a great site for beginners in scuba diving. Although the dive is not as challenging as in other diving spots, you would not get short of amazing things to see here. In fact, divers are actually treated to a number of caverns, shelves, and archways that are waiting to be explored.


The Turtle Cove is known as the vertical reef wall dive. It has become quite a popular spot for tourists who like exploring an active marine life.


Diving the waters of Turtle Cove does not cost much. Usually, you can include this to your Palau tour package and pay for a general fee. The diving site is ideal for lunchtime explorations. It is in fact, well-known for tourists as a lunchtime stopover as imposed by tour guides.

Other Info

Scuba diving at Turtle Cove usually begins by descending through the mini blue hole. That will continue to the sandy run-off, which is a favorite resting place among Leopard Sharks and White Tip Sharks. Upon exiting the cavern, you will be introduced to a number of shelves, arches, caves, and hidden ledges that are worth to explore.

Before surfacing, make sure to use a surface marker buoy so fishing boat operators that may be approaching would be notified of your position. It is advisable for those who want to go scuba diving or snorkeling in the waters of Turtle Cove that they pay attention to the noise of fishing boats that pass by to ensure their safety.