Tyre or Sour in Saidon – Lebanon

Tyre in Saidon is an old Phoenician city situated in Lebanon. It is the fourth biggest city in the country with a population of 60,000.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The city is in the South Governorate of Lebanon. Taking a private bus is the easiest way to get there. The best ones are those at Cola Junction, Beirut.

You can also find some minibuses going through it via Cola Junction and Sidon. If you’re coming from Beirut, the journey will take three hours. You can also take private taxis. The trip will last 2 1/2 hours.

What to See There

A trip to Tyre in Saidon won’t be complete without visiting the Al Bass archaeological site. It holds a well preserved Roman Hippodrome. A large necropolis with hundreds of sarcophagi is also maintained there.

A monumental arch, aqueduct and Roman road can also be seen. The Hot Spring Ruins in the Christian area also feature outstanding Roman architecture. Also worth checking out are the lighthouse at the peninsula’s northwestern point and the rock beach of Al Gamal.


The island city was fortified with 150 ft walls. The place used to be known as Ushu. The island city was utilized primarily to supply water to the mainland. According to Josephus, the cities sometimes engaged in battle.

The city was founded in 2750 BC. Monuments dating back to 1300 BC show it was already in existence. Surviving letters dating from 1350 BC show the city officials’ preoccupation was water.


The Cola Junction buses cost $4. The minibuses are cheaper at 2 to 3,000 Lebanese Lira ($1 to $2). A private taxi ride costs $20-$30 if you are emanating from Beirut.

The service taxi (where you share the ride with other people) cost $10. However the cost will vary depending on where you are coming from. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Other Info

To get out of the city, head to the minibus pickup point at the Al Bass roundabout. You will find this outside the Al Bass Palestinian Refugee Camp. Do not get on the minibus until you are sure of its destination. Always ask the cost before boarding.

While there are many rides at Tyre in Saidon, exploration is best done on foot. All the major tourist attractions are ten minutes within each other. However, the Al Bass archaeological site is a tad farther away. In this case the taxi may prove more practical.