Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou – Grenada

Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou is one of the most picturesque sights in all of Grenada. Given its location, it has proven very popular among tourists.


The bay is located at the southwest end of Carriacou Island. This is 33 mi northwest of Grenada. The closest airport is the Port Saline International Airport. This is to the south of the country.

What to See

Once you get into the bay, the two reefs become visible. The first is 4 to 5 feet deep and on the north side. The other reef is on the south side. It is near the Tyrrel Bay Haul Out facility and Carriacou Yacht Club.

Known as the Gateway to the Grenadines, Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou is a popular destination for vacationers. The beautiful surroundings also make it ideal for sailing. The picturesque islands are also great spots for diving and snorkeling.

Temperatures are usually 24 C / 75 F to 30 C / 87 F. Cool trade winds are a constant presence.


Apart from the island natives, Christopher Columbus was among the first to get a glimpse of Grenada. He came to the island in 1498 and christened it “Concepcion”. Due to the verdant tropical growth, the Spaniards would rename the place as Granada.

The French would term the island Grenade. Finally, the British decided to call it Grenada, which is still how the country is known today.

For many years, the British and French would fight for the island’s control. Finally in 1783, the British took firm control of the place. Fort Frederick and Fort George at St. Georges Harbor are testaments to those days of struggle.

The 1970s saw political turmoil ensue as attempts to create a socialist government began. Order was restored in 1984 when the US intervened. Since that time, the country has lived in a democracy.


There are several companies that can take you around the island. The airport fare is around EC$30. There are also various boat / ferry services available. Their rates will vary however.

Other Info

Grenada, Petite Martinique and Carriacou are also well known for their races and regattas. One of the most renowned is the yearly La Source Grenada Sailing Festival. This is held in January.

Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou is simply a great place to chill out. It is one of Grenada’s best harbors. Aside from watching the sailboats, you can also partake of delicious food.