Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania

Tanzania has a good number of national parks, covering vast tropical rainforests, mountain forests, woodlands and grasslands.

Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania covers all of the above: tropical rainforest, mountain rainforest, woodland and grassland.


Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania is situated within the central regions of the country, approximately three hundred and sixty kilometers off the western section of Dar es Salaam; and with close proximity to Mikumi National Park.

Getting There

To reach Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania, you can either drive your own car service or take the train. The fastest way however, is to take the train.

There are trains from Dar es Salaam that go to Zambia and you can make a stop at Mang’ula, which is where the park’s office is located. The trip takes up to seven hours.

If you wish to drive, take the main road from Dar es Salaam which is Morogoro and then drive past Chalinze. You will then reach Morogoro and then Mikumi. There are signs that you can follow from here to reach the national park.

What to See and Do

Hiking is the top activity for travelers visiting Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania. There are trails around the forests that you can choose from. For one – day visitors, the best trail is one that takes you to the Sanje Waterfall which is approximately a half – day trek.

There is also a more challenging trail which takes up to two nights. This is the Mwanihana Trail which will take you to the highlands and give you excellent vistas of the sugar plantations that surround the area.

Bird watchers will also enjoy this park as there are approximately four hundred different bird species that call this park their home. Of particular interest is the forest partridge which was discovered here in the year 1991.

There are also six species of primates living within the areas of the park. The most notable of these are the Iringa Red Colobus and the Sanjey Crested Mangabey – two species that can be found only in the forest and no other part in the world.

Brief History

Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania was founded in the year 1992, formed after 5 different forest reserves that were founded some time in the 1950s.

The forests are said to have survived more than thirty million years, making them among the oldest forests in the country. The national park was inaugurated the founder of WWF, Netherlands’ Prince Bernard.

The national park has the 2nd largest biodiversity covered in the African continent, within a national park.


Entry fee to Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania is US$ 20 per adult and US$ 5 per child, aged 5 to 16 years old. For kids under 5 years old, admission is free.

Camping fees are US$ 30 per adult, per day and US$ 5 per child between 5 and 16 years old, per day. Kids under 5 years of age are free.

Guides are US$ 10 per guide, per day.

Other Information

Udzungwa Mountains National Park – Tanzania is a “walking only” park hence; bringing in any type of vehicle is strictly prohibited.