Uganda Museum – Uganda

One of the most important tourist attractions that visitors should never fail to visit when holidaying in other countries is the country’s museums. This way, you will learn all about the rich history of the country or location you are visiting.

Uganda Museum – Uganda is a major museum of the country where visitors can learn more about the country’s ethnic history, displaying exhibits that depict Uganda’s cultural heritage.


Uganda Museum – Uganda is located in the country’s capital city of Kampala at 5-7 Kiira Road. It is close to Mulago Hospital and is approximately four kilometers off the city centre of Kampala.

Getting There

Getting around in Kampala is fairly easy as the city is well-served by a reliable public transportation system. To reach Uganda Museum – Uganda, you can take a bus, minibus or a taxi.

The bus depot is located right in the heart of the city and here, you can see bus schedules to let you know which bus to take and at what time. The minibuses are like a taxi where you can easily flag one down from whichever part of the city you are in at the moment.

The minibuses take several passengers at a time so you may have to share the ride with a couple more people. On the other hand, there is also

the regular taxi and you can find this at taxi stands spread out around the city.

What to See

Uganda Museum – Uganda is divided into several sections making it easier for visitors to view exhibits as per their preference. These sections include the Independence Museum of Science and Technology, Traditional Music, Archeology, Stone Age, Traditional Life Gallery, Etnohistory, Ethnography, and Paleontology.

As you walk through each of the above-given sections, you will see various displays of interesting historical artifacts; from the very first telephone eastern Africa, stone tools used millions of years ago, first printing press of the country, fossils dating as far back as 20 million years ago, and traditional musical tools; among many others.

Brief History

Uganda Museum – Uganda was established in the year 1908 and was first housed in Fort Lugard which is located in Old Kampala. The Fort housed the museum until the year 1942.

It was then moved to Makerere University and the museum stayed here until the year 1954; after which it was moved to its current location in Kiira Road.


Entry costs to Uganda Museum – Uganda differ based on whether or not one is a native of Uganda or one is a foreign visitor. For foreign visitors, the cost to enter the museum is three thousand shillings for adults and one thousand five hundred shillings for children.

For native Ugandans, the cost to enter the museum is one thousand shillings for adults and five hundred shillings for kids. If you happen to have a camera for photography and a video camera, you will have to pay extra.

For a still camera, the additional fee is five thousand shillings while for a video camera, extra cost is twenty thousand shillings.

Other Information

If you are a writer visiting the Uganda Museum – Uganda, you may enter the museum for free. You will have to present a valid Identification Card however to prove that you really are a writer by profession.