Ulpiana in Lipljan – Kosovo

Ulpiana in Lipljan is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Kosovo. Testament to this is its inclusion in the Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance list.


The ruins of this ancient Roman city are in modern day Kosovo. It is in the Lipljan municipality. But it is still under the protection of the Serbian Republic. The ruins of the city being unearthed are about 0.81 miles (1.3 km) to the west of Gracanica. This is to the north of the road linking Gracanica to Laplje Selo.

What to See

Since excavations began, numerous artifacts have been unearthed. Among them are tombstones, a basilica, religious objects and mosaics of different types. Visitors to the site will also learn that ancient Roman weapons have been discovered as well.

Other items that have been unearthed at the Ulpiana in Lipljan are coins, ceramics and various other items. During the tour, your guide will show some of the other significant locations in the area.


Records from the Roman times speak of the city in splendid terms. However, the city was continuously attacked by the Goths, Huns and other barbarians. The city was completely destroyed in 479. That was the year when Theodoric the Great and his army ransacked the city. In 518 AD, an earthquake struck and destroyed whatever was left of the place.

But as Procopius wrote, Justinian went on to reconstruct the entire city. After the rebuilding, the area was redecorated and became one of the most beautiful cities during its time. It was renamed Justiniana Secunda.

Through the centuries, the city would be destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. Through the years, several buildings and temples were built which would be unearthed.

During the early days of Christianity, the city became a significant episcopal center. Many of the jewelery, coins, ceramics and weapons uncovered are from this period.


A 7 day tour of Kosovo usually costs around 800 Pounds per person. However, the price will vary depending on where you go and for how long.

Other Info

If you are visiting Kosovo, you can also drop by the other tourist destinations close by. Prishtina is the capital and home to several museums, mosques and other monuments. Other places of interest are the Drini River Waterfall and the Rugova Gorge.

The Ulpiana in Lipljan is still being studied by archaeologists today. While many artifacts have been discovered, there is still a lot more to be uncovered.