Una River – Bosnia

The Una River in Bosnia is one of the more fascinating rivers in the country. The river is known for its many interesting features, which make a trip to the site worthwhile.


Its origin is at Croatia. The waters goes through the western portions of Bosnia. The Una spring can be found at the northeastern slopes of the Strazbenica mountain at Croatia. It takes about 4 km (2.5 miles) before the river gets to Herzegovina and Bosnia.

What to See

There are many types of fish in the river, with well over 25 different species. The largest is the huchen. The river is also known for the herbs. Researchers have uncovered more than 170 types of herbs in the area, all of which have medicinal benefits.

One of the most unusual is the Campanula unensis or the Una Blue Bell, a very rare plant. The plant was named after the colors of the Una River in Bosnia, which are green and turquoise.


The river goes through several villages, including Kulen Vakuf and Martin Brod. It also passes by numerous towns. The area where the river pases them is between the two nations. Close to Ripac, the river winds to Bihac. From there it goes west into the Bosanska Otoka and Bosanska Krupa.

The river then goes near Javornik and Dobretin. There it turns into the border of Bosnia and Croatia. The river proceeds to Bosanski Novi. From there it heads into Dvor and Hrvatska and Bosanska Kostajnica. The waters eventually goes into Sava River. This is close to the Jasenovac town.

The country itself has been inhabited as far back as the Neolithic period. The inhabitants of the Neolithic period were overran or replaced by the Illyrians. These were Indo-Europeans and more war-like. In turn, the Illyrians were conquered by the Celts who came to the area in the 3rd and 4th centuries.


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Other Info

There are other interesting spots around the river. There is a waterfall at the Kastelski Buk. There is also another one at the Strbacki Buk. This is between Donji Lapac and Bihac.

The Una River in Bosnia is not that difficult to reach, and has remained in pristine condition. For this reason, it has become one of the finest natural destinations in the country.