Underground Wine Cities – Moldava

The underground wine cities in Moldova are some of the most fascinating tourist spots in the country. These are very popular destinations and people from all over the world come to visit them.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

These wine cities are linked lighted tunnels. These tunnels span hundreds of kilometers in length. The most popular are Cojusna, Milestii, Mici and Cricova. You can see these as you go through Moldova. The names of the streets with the wines are Feteasca, Codru, Riesling and Aligote. The town of Cricova is close to the Ichel River. It is possible to go through the tunnels.

What to See There

The underground wine cities in Moldova are used to store the wines. From a microbus window you will see these cities. These wine storage facilities are arranged in different ways. The number of wines varies. The Milestii Mici wine has over 2 million bottles alone.

These underground chambers have arched vaults. The wax sealed bottles are set in aisles spanning acres. The Milestii Mici wine is patterned after the temples of ancient Greece. The place is very popular as new “houses” are opened annually.


The wines from these collections date from different periods. Some of the wines at Mici go back to 1902. Other wines are relatively new. Most of them have a story to tell which local guides will gladly share with you.

Some of the varietals and grapes are the Cahor-Ciumai, Auriu, Trandarfirul Moldovei and Negru de Purcari. Through the years, others have been added including Codru, Milestcoie, Dnestrovscoie, Feteasca and Riesling.


Tours of the wine cellars cost at least US$20. This will include tastings. You may also partake of local dishes and specialty food.

Other Info

Besides the wine cities, the tasting halls are also worth visiting. They have ornate sculptures, stained glass and mosaic fish ponds. Besides the wine, Moldova is also known for its food. Unlike other countries, the food here is cheap. There are also many cafes and restaurants in and around the cities.

Small shops are good places to buy groceries. The markets are perfect for buying vegetables and fruits. Majority of the products sold are local. But there are imported products too. This is true not just for wines but other food.

When you visit the underground wine cities in Moldova, don’t forget to visit the other cites like Balti and Ungheni. These two cities are also known for their wine.