Upper Barracca Gardens in Valletta – Malta

The Upper Barracca Gardens in Valletta is one of the most visited areas in Malta. It has several features that will captivate the tourist.


The gardens can be found at Triq Sant’ Orsla, Valletta, Malta.

What to See

One of the biggest attractions here is the height of the garden. It has a height of 200 feet. Visitors to the site will also get to see the many unique statues. One of the reasons why people come here is for the gorgeous vista of the Grand Harbor.

The Lower Barracca also has nice views, but the upper one is more scenic. Tourists who visit the Upper Barracca Gardens in Valletta will also get to see the Victoria Gate and the Church of Saint Mary of Jesus. You will see several plaques and monuments in the area.

As you go around the garden, the fountain with goldfish and water lilies will become visible. Head south side and you will find the kiosk.

You can order some coffee, ice cream, tea and other drinks there. You can then watch some cats relaxing along the trees. Under the garden, you will see a saluting battery that has been changed into a terrace.


Habitation of the land goes back at least to the Neolithic era in 4,000 BC. Evidence for this are some of the oldest temples on the planet. Through the centuries, its strategic location has drawn in great empires and nations.

The Phoenicians have ruled the site, as have the Arabs, Normans, Romans, Greeks, Arabs and the Crusaders. The British ruled the land until 1964.

In 1530, the Knights of Malta or the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, took control of Malta. Three years later, they established a hospital to care for the ill. In 1798, Napoleon conquered the island, but his rule lasted only a couple of years.


A guided tour costs 5 Euros for adults. For students and pensioners it is 4 Euros. For children under 16, it is 3 Euros. For a family with three children under 16, the cost is 13 Euros.

Other Info

The garden was actually a present from an 18th century knight and is set at a demi-bastion. When you visit the site, you will see there is a wrought-iron fence around the section of the Grand Harbor side.

The Upper Barracca Gardens in Valletta has an arcade at the same location as the Grand Harbor view. This acts like the balcony.