Utwa-Walung Marine Park – Micronesia

Micronesia presents some interesting adventures that will make you understand and discover a lot of nature’s treasures that it was blessed with. To facilitate your discovery, there’s Utwa-Walung Marine Park, a conservation center nestled in Kosrae.

Location and How to Get There

Kosrae, the location of the Utwa-Walung Marine Park, is one of the four states in Micronesia. It is accessible from foreign lands via the Kosrae International Airport. Getting around Kosrae is all about hiring a taxi for a minimum fee or you can hire a private car rental for comfort.

Walung and Utwa are the municipalities that house the park. You will have to rely to the driver to take you there.

What to See There

The Utwa-Walung Marine Park boasts of lively eco tourism. Its waters are teeming with aquatic life. Its lands form grounds to the most pristine forests. You sure would not get short of things to see and things to do while you are in the site.

There are various species of plants and trees around. There are even rare varieties that you can only find right in the forests of the park. Nypa fruiticans and sonartia alba are two of the unique and rare varieties of trees that are planted within the marine park.

There is also an assortment of animal species in the park including lizards, birds, and fish. Sea creatures are especially must-see. The teeming life beneath the waters of the coastal park is something that you should not miss for an adventure of a lifetime.

What’s more, the Utwa-Walung Marine Park is also home to a massive mangrove ecosystem.

There are a lot of things that you can enjoy while you are in the park.


The Utwa-Walung Marine Park was established as a conservation center in late 1990s by Madison Nena. It was intended to protect the natural habitat of flaura and fauna from developers who are into building a tourism complex in the area without an adequate sewage facility.


If ever there is an amount you need to pay to enter the sanctuary of many natural wonders, it is definitely an amount that is worth every bit of experience that you will obtain from the site. The Utwa-Walung Marine Park is not a major tourist attraction for nothing. There is so much that this destination can offer to enrich its visitors not just with knowledge but with spectacular adventures that will go down memory lane.

Other Info

The park’s main office is located nearby the shipwreck site of Bully Hayes, a pirate trader.