V&A Waterfront in Western Cape Province – South Africa

The V&A Waterfront in South Africa is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. Its plethora of attractions range from natural wonders to historical landmarks.


The waterfront is between the Table Mountain and Robben Island. It is next to the harbor and at the slopes of Table Mountain.

What to See

The site offers breathtaking views of the mountain and the sea. There are also several shopping malls for the visitors. There is also the Breakwater Lodge, a 19th century prison turned historical landmark.

There is also the Nelson Mandela Gateway where you can embark on boat tours to Robben Island. Other places that are worth visiting at the V&A Waterfront in South Africa are the Chavonnes Battery museum and Two Oceans Aquarium.

There is also the Time Ball Tower. It is a signaling apparatus used for determining the chronometer rate of ships. This was constructed in 1894 and can be found adjacent to the Harbor Engineer’s former residence.

Tourists also have the opportunity to get up close with the seals. You will see them along the offshore islands. Your best bet is at the landing close to the Clock Tower Precinct. There is also the Table Mountain, a challenge even for the most experienced mountaineer.


Building of the harbor began in 1860 courtesy of Prince Albert, the son of Queen Victoria. The first basin Prince Albert named after himself and the next to his mother. The building of the harbor took place over a span of several years.

Today, the waterfront is a renewal project. While in development, the goal is to integrate the historic infrastructure. The project is being managed by Transnet, a private company. Today, there are many movie theaters, specialty shops and other entertainment options in the area.


Tour costs can vary significantly. A tour of Cape Town will cost at least ZAR120.00 per adult. For children it is usually lower, around ZAR60.00. If you travel during the off season, the costs will be lower.

Other Info

The Maritime Museum lays emphasis on the history of shipping in the area. The more adventurous visitors can go on boat trips or helicopter tours for a bird’s eye view of the site. Close to the original Bertie’s Landing Restaurant is the Clock Tower. Its Victorian Gothic style has long been a symbol of the site.

The V&A Waterfront in South Africa also has the the Dragon Tree, which came from the Canary Islands. It is also possible to go diving at the aforementioned Two Oceans Aquarium.