Varadero in Matanzas – Cuba

It is quite very interesting to tackle the Caribbean islands as they offer numerous options for explorers and adventurers and simple travelers alike. Varadero, also known as Playa Azul is a resort town in Matanzas, Cuba, which is definitely one of the best reasons you should consider a trip to the Caribbean.

Varadero is a large resort, one of the largest actually, in the Caribbean. So expect not to get short of activities while visiting the town.

Location and How to Get There

Varadero is a premiere tourist destination. It is no longer surprising, therefore, to find that it houses its own international airport. That means you can fly directly to Varadero not just from other Cuban provinces but also from other countries in North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. You can also travel to Varadero from other Cuban regions by land, through the National Throughway and the Central highway. Varadero is 83 miles away from Havana. You may also travel by boat through the marinas of Puertosol Dársena de Varadero, Chapelín, and Gaviota.

What to See There

The most amazing thing about Varadero is its white sandy beaches, which are considered some of the best in the world. Aside from the deep blue waters, there are also escarpments and caves and parks that you can explore. Nearby cities are also famous for historical and natural treasures – something that will definitely add up to the quality of your travel.


Varadero was first mentioned in 1555. It was first used during the early times as a dry dock and only got the accolade of becoming a city when some ten families got permission to build their vacation houses. Since the 1940s, Varadero became a top tourist destination, especially during the summer when people can best enjoy the sun, the sea, and the sand.


If you have a budget to spend, it is best that you enjoy the activities available in town. Varadero’s beaches are good enough for scuba diving, swimming, fishing, and yachting. There are numerous water sports that you can hold as well. Aside from enjoying water activities, you should also expend for accommodation as well as entrance fees to the parks, museums, and art galleries that you can find within the vicinity.

Other Info

Varadero is a premiere tourist spot, which entertains some half a million visitors yearly. Expect great service, amenities, and accommodations, as the locals are able to learn to work their way through their foreign visitors’ hearts.